Lightship VPS for Web, the solution that brings the metaverse of the real world to your browser

Lightship VPS for Web, la soluzione che porta il metaverso del mondo reale sul proprio browser thumbnail

Niantic recently announced Lightship VPS for Weba solution that makes the web an even more strategic and functional environment for the development of augmented realitybringing its Vision Positioning System (VPS) to the platform 8th Wall. Here are all the details.

Lightship VPS for Web, the solution that brings the metaverse of the real world to your browser

The browser-based technologyfirst of its kind, connect the real world with the digital one and it does so by connecting the contents WebAR ai places. It then allows virtual objects to interact with the space in which they are located. In this way the experience of augmented reality it’s more personal, significant it’s real.

Lightship VPS for Web transforms everyday places into destinations that offer all new experiences. Technology gives new meaning to places by unlocking its digital twin which can be augmented for create an infinite amount of extraordinary experiences.

In this way the traffic is directed to a specific placelike a statue in a park or one shop window in a cityto entertain and engage users in new ways that result in a completely real experience.

Through the platform 8th Walldevelopers, agencies and brands will now have the ability to create WebAR experiences that can only be used in one place, thus reinforcing the need to be in a certain place. You can also create multi-location experiencescome treasure hunts in AR e geo-AR gamescombining different experiences activated by VPS in a single project.

Today, developers want to create increasingly immersive AR experiences e integrate with the real world. To do this, however, they must first understand exactly where their users are located and what they are watching.

This is where Lightship VPS, which uses the Niantic’s AR map of the world to integrate i AR content with pinpoint accuracy all over the world. By bringing this powerful system to the 8th Wall platform, developers can now create VPS-enabled AR experiences with unprecedented accuracy and precision.

Access to the 3D mesh

Lightship VPS for Web offers WebAR developers access to the 3D mesh of a place to be used in an Augmented Reality scene. This revolutionary feature allows developers to create WebAR experiences able to take advantage of the obstacle detection system e physical laws. At the same time it adds a higher level of interactivity between virtual objects and the real world.

Developers can also add places activated with the VPS (Visual Posititionig Scanning) alla AR map of Niantic. Or, if they wish, they can immediately use the over 100,000 places activated by a visual positioning system available with the launch and build your own location-based WebAR experiences.

VPS-activated places aren’t alone road landscapes o public landmarks. They are primarily a collection of publicly accessible places that include parks, trails, local businesses, and more.

Lightship VPS for Web is now available to all 8th Wall. Developers can get started building with Lightship VPS for Web by logging into their workspace on the 8th Wall or by signing up for a 14-day free trial on official site.