LinkedIn scrive alle aziende che assumono usando l'AI thumbnail

LinkedIn writes to hiring companies using AI

LinkedIn writes to hiring companies using AI thumbnails

LinkedIn is launching a new feature of artificial intelligence generative to help job seekers: you can use AI to write ai hiring managers. Indeed, the company is testing a new feature that will create small messages similar to cover letters that candidates can send to hiring managers on the platform. The feature is being implemented for the Premium site subscribers.

LinkedIn writes to hiring managers using AI

With the new update, users will find the “Let the AI ​​write a message for the hiring team” option along with open positions on the platform’s jobs page. The feature uses “information from your profile, hiring manager profile, job description and company of interest“ to generate a “very personalized” message, according to LinkedIn.

LinkedIn also showed an example of this technology. The message looks like the beginning of a cover letter. However, the message written by the AI ​​that users will receive may change based on the qamount of information in your LinkedIn profile. The company stresses that “personalization is still important” and that users should review and edit text before submitting.

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LinkedIn, which belongs to Microsoft, is taking advantage of the innovations launched by OpenAI, which Microsoft strongly supports. In fact, LinkedIn has already tested other generative AI features. The platform has added suggestions of AI writing to profiles and “collaborative articles” which also use AI written text.

You can find more information about this news in this LinkedIn post.

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