Little Devil Inside: possible release period revealed

It seems that the release period of Little Devil Inside was leaked through a post published on social media from the official PlayStation account

First appearing during the PlayStation 5 event, Little Devil Inside presented itself as a truly intriguing indie game that caught the eye of a large number of players. Initially born through a Kickstarter project in 2016, the South Korean developers of Neostream Interactive then found themselves with the support of a company of the caliber of Sony to finally be able to give life to their game. The title then made its reappearance on several occasions, most recently in the PlayStation Showcase at the end of October. But in case we want to know when we will finally be able to play Little Devil Inside, we can rely on a possible exit window, revealed through a video in an Instagram post from PlayStation.

The teaser with the release date of Little Devil Inside

The works shown within the video released by PlayStation are some indie games planned for the next few months, and is presented a launch window for each of them. While Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach has been launched just in these days, Sifu is still awaited for spring 2022 (which has been brought forward by a few days compared to the originally scheduled date). Lastly, Little Devil Inside is also glimpsed, showing a possible release date in winter period of 2022. It seems therefore that the players will have to wait another year before being able to have the title in hand; in any case, in the meantime we can certainly distract ourselves with the numerous releases that will take place at the beginning of 2022.

Little Devil Inside: possible release period revealed

Here is a small introduction to the game, in case you have not yet had the opportunity to deepen the themes of Little Devil Inside: the title is set in a Victorian-like era in the height of industrialization, populated by medieval characters, supernatural creatures and mysterious monsters. The protagonist Billy, a mercenary with a noble soul, has been hired by a university professor to assist him in his research on bizarre events and paranormal phenomena. In addition to this very characteristic setting, what has caught the attention of the players is certainly the Tim Burton art style and the gameplay from the perspective that it constantly changes.

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