Live streaming: the new solution from Logitech For Creators arrives

Logitech For Creators presenta un nuovo pacchetto per il live streaming thumbnail

Here comes Mevo Start 3-Pack, a wireless live streaming ecosystem specially designed by Logitech For Creators.

Mevo Start 3-Pack: A complete package for creators and fans of live streaming

Here comes a new solution for real-time digital streamers and creators. It is about Mevo Start 3-Pack, Compatible with Mevo Multicam app. A real This all-in-one broadcast studio consisting of three portable and wireless Mevo Start cameras. These are specially designed for live streaming with a spectacular HD 1080p.

Mevo Start 3-Pack and the Mevo Multicam app – downloadable for free from the App Store and Google Play – are the ideal solution for the production of professional shows. Creators can then forget about the bulky equipment, and rely totally on their smartphones and tablets. Mevo Start cameras are built for long stream sessions, with one internal battery life up to six hours each. However, it is also possible to connect them to a power source via USB-C for continuous use. “

Whether you’re broadcasting live from your kitchen, a music studio or even a baseball game, with Mevo Start 3-Pack you can easily create a professional, high-quality, multi-angle stream, “he said. Otto Cedeno, Mevo Marketing Manager at Logitech for Creators.

With the Mevo Multicam app it is possible to manage up to three different cameras

The Mevo Multicam app allows creators to connect and control up to three Mevo Start cameras. This way you can easily produce a broadcast quality show with multi-camera angles. The free app features Auto-Director, an advanced yet highly intuitive audio mixer, and the ability to overlay custom graphics and text in live streaming.

The Mevo Start chamber guarantees a diagonal field of view of 83.7 degrees and a quality full HD 1080p without fisheye distortion. Creators will also enjoy clear and clean audio using the built-in noise-canceling microphones. Alternatively, it is still possible to choose the analog audio input by connecting a microphone to the 3.5 mm TRS input.

Mevo Start 3-Pack is available in some European countries on the official website, and on Amazon at the recommended price of 1149€. The Mevo Multicam App can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Mevo Start jams are also available individually, at the recommended price of 449€.