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Logitech G presenta Logitech G303: il mouse da gaming wireless

Logitech G, a brand of Logitech, (SIX: LOGN) (NASDAQ: LOGI) and leader in gaming technologies, in partnership with Michael “shroud” Grzesiek, one of the most popular gaming streamers in the world, presents a completely revised version of the favorite mouse from Shroud, the Logitech G303 Wireless. The new mouse The new mouse is designed and built to meet the exact specifications and performance required by Shroud.

“Having the opportunity to design a mouse with Logitech was a dream come true. The G303 is my favorite mouse of all time and using it as design inspiration we made my perfect mouse. ” Shroud said. “Collaborating with Logitech G has been an incredible experience and I am really proud of the final product. I’m thrilled to make it available to all my fans ”.

“It’s no secret that Shroud takes gaming seriously and having the right equipment is important to his success,” he said. said Ujesh Desai, general manager of Logitech G. “Working with Shroud, we started with the classic G303, then adapted it to his hand, calibrated to his touch, and created a mouse that perfectly suits his needs. If you are a fan of Shroud and want the same tool he uses, this is the mouse for you ”.

Known for his infallible aim, and a self-proclaimed wireless fanatic, Shroud loves the precision, accuracy, shape and feel of the G303 Wireless Gaming Mouse. Logitech G worked closely with Shroud to understand exactly how to improve the original G303 to meet your specific needs and preferences. We have improved and updated the shape, repositioned the side buttons, changed the position of the switches, adjusted the weight and even went so far as to include subtle markings to approximate the position of his finger grip, all in an effort to build the perfect mouse for Shroud.

The characteristics of the product

Through a unique design collaboration process, Shroud worked through a variety of templates and tools to perfectly match the mouse’s shape and geometry to its specifications. In addition, we thoroughly discussed the components and the technology included to make sure we are using the most advanced technology possible.

The revised G303 Shroud Edition features LIGHTSPEED, delivering ultra-low latency and reliable performance. The mouse also features Logitech G’s proprietary HERO 25K sensor for accuracy and speed, without sacrificing energy efficiency. Various improvements to the mouse, including subtle markings that approximate Shroud’s finger grip positions, translucent side panels, and USB-C connections have all been requested by Shroud.

Weighing in at 75 grams, the G303 Shroud Edition is light, robust, and comfortable enough to allow for low DPI sensitivity and faster aiming. Combine that with the 145 hours of battery life, and you’ll be able to play all day. Of course, the Logitech G303 Shroud Edition is available in Shroud’s favorite color: black.

Price and Availability

Available from November 2021, the Logitech G303 Shroud Edition Wireless Gaming Mouse will come at a price of € 129.99. For more information visit our website, our blog or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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