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Logitech G: the new A30 Wireless Mandalorian Edition arrives

Rule the galaxy with the all-new Logitech G A30 Wireless The Mandalorian Edition Gaming Headset. A special edition with an exclusive look inspired by the highly popular TV series and dedicated to gamers, fans and collectors

Today, Logitech G, a Logitech brand and leader in gaming accessories, announces in collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd. the new A30 Wireless Gaming Headset The Mandalorian Edition. Designed for the modern gamer and hardcore fan, the A30 Wireless The Mandalorian Edition is so much more than a pair of headphones! A collector’s item that authentically celebrates one of the greatest phenomena of world pop culture. The Mandalorian Edition A30 Wireless headphones offer maximum flexibility and mobility, advanced pro-grade connectivity LIGHTSPEED Wireless, Bluetooth and 3.5mm aux from Logitech. The best there is to conquer the galaxy whether you play at your desk, on the couch or on the go.

Logitech G: the new A30 Wireless Mandalorian Edition arrives

Details on the new Logitech G A30 Mandalorian Edition gaming headset

They combine style and comfort to play on all devices and with a personalized audio mix. The A30 Wireless The Mandalorian Edition allows gamers, collectors and fans to master every style of play across all platforms. These include Xbox Series X|S, Playstation, Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

With the new A30 Mandalorian Edition, we’re proud to have designed headphones that pay homage to the legacy of The Mandalorian and the Star Wars galaxy. We hope fans love them as much as we do,

said Peter KingsleyChief Marketing Officer of Logitech G.

Faithful to the legendary aesthetic of the franchise, they mirror the elegant design of the original A30 headphones! The A30 Wireless The Mandalorian Edition features colors inspired by Beskar steel, the iconic steel of the series. The headphones also feature soft memory foam padding in the ear cups and headband. Removable magnetic pads offer the ability to fully customize the new A30.


These special edition headphones come with custom speaker tags with the profile of Din Djarin, known to fans as the Mandalorian, on the left tag. While there is a Clan Mudhorn insignia on the right one. Players and fans will be able to discover the true secrets of the Mandalorians by hunting for the numerous easter eggs inspired by the series. Equipped with an advanced detachable boom microphone and a built-in microphone, the headphones deliver crystal clear voice quality. High-quality 40mm audio drivers deliver deep bass. The gaming experience can be even more personalized thanks to the Logitech G mobile application for iOS and Android, which allows you to customize the EQ and much more. The new A30 Wireless The Mandalorian Edition headphones boast a battery life of over 27 hours.

Pricing and Availability of the new Logitech G A30 Mandalorian Edition

Le Logitech G A30 Wireless Gaming Headset The Mandalorian Edition sThey are available today on and at authorized resellers for the recommended price of €279.00. For more information, visit our website, blog or twitter @LogitechG. The Logitech G mobile app is available for iOS and Android.

And you? What do you think of these new ones cuffie da gaming Logitech G A30 Mandalorian Edition? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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