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Logitech G: Welcome to a new era of gaming

Logitech G launches a new “Play your Way” collection that promotes inclusiveness and allows all players to express themselves, here is the Aurora Collection

Logitech G presents theAurora Collectionmeant to be gender inclusiveand not gender exclusive. It caters to the needs and desires of gamers, but also to gamers looking for a vibrant design and a curated experience.

They have a distinctive aesthetic and design and allow for customization through accessories and various color options. It includes advanced gaming technologies, such as high-performance wireless technology LIGHTSPEED and microphone technology Blue VO!WHAT. The result is a collection that invites all gamers to express themselves, while offering the advanced features that all gamers have come to expect.

Logitech G: Welcome to a new era of gaming

The words of Ujesh Desai

Ujesh DesaiVice President and General Manager of Logitech G, said:

Much of the video game industry has stuck to the ‘one-size-fits-all’ idea. But that doesn’t reflect the wide range of consumers, who focus on personal expression and play for fun, it certainly didn’t fit Logitech’s commitment to providing solutions for all gamers. When we looked at our gaming products, we realized we could have done more. With Aurora Collection we have created a gender inclusive collection, centered on comfort, accessibility and liveliness, which supports our long-term commitment to allow everyone to experience the joy of playing.

Logitech G: Welcome to a new era of gaming

The Aurora collection is guided by three principles

Conceived on the basis of feedback of the gamer of the whole community, was created by a team Logitech of women leaders in innovation, design, engineering and marketing. The collection was created to meet the gaming desires and needs of an under-represented segment of gamers and to re-imagine a future of gaming where the gender-inclusivity is firmly present. The design process was guided by the following three principles:

  • Comfort: In the design phase, the team made sure to take into account aspects such as longer hair, glasses, earrings and smaller hands, without stopping only at ergonomics. The team prioritized products that were not only beautiful to look at, but also pleasant to use, suitable for long gaming sessions, exploring different materials and finishes that were light and soft to the touch.
  • Accessibility: To better embrace accessibility opportunities, the team ditched the typical sharp edges, black colourways and boisterous aesthetics to create a more welcoming experience, featuring soft hues, translucent materials and soothing, off-the-wall lighting. schemes.
  • Playfulness: Encourage self-expression. The products are available in the basic White Mist color with the possibility of customizing them using the Pink Dawn and Green Flash accessories. Gamers can also show their creative side with thousands of customizable lighting combinations available in G HUB with lighting called Play Moods.

Our commitment to creating a collection of gender-inclusive gaming accessories has prompted us to put old ideas aside and ask ourselves some essential questions about our love for gaming.

Logitech G: Welcome to a new era of gaming

The statements of Tiffany Beers

Tiffany BeersHead of Gaming Innovation di Logitech G, ha dichiarato:

Our commitment to creating a collection of gender-inclusive gaming accessories has prompted us to put old ideas aside and ask ourselves some essential questions about our love for gaming. In designing primarily for gamers, we’ve created a collection that we hope will be meaningful to an even broader segment of gamers, beyond gender and stereotypes. We are thrilled with the Aurora collection and what it stands for.

Logitech G: Welcome to a new era of gaming

L’Aurora Collection it is composed as follows

  • Cuffie wireless G735: Featuring a White Mist finish, ethereal RGB lighting and dual on-ear audio mix, they’re a versatile option for any gamer. The first Logitech G headphones featuring the new Blue VO! CE technology, which allows you to modulate the player’s voice and save your favorite audio settings in the G Hub, directly to the headset. They also maximize comfort and are also suitable for smaller heads. Gamers can go through long gaming sessions thanks to the battery life of over 56 hours (without lighting) and experience freedom of movement thanks to the award-winning LIGHTSPEED wireless technology and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • G715 and G713 mechanical gaming keyboards: The keyboards offer low-key feel, with high-key performance, so players can express themselves and play their way. The compact TKL layout and adjustable height ensure maximum comfort. The rechargeable battery, which guarantees 25 hours of uninterrupted play, and the wireless or Bluetooth connectivity of the G715 allow you to carry it anywhere. Both keyboards come with an included Cloud-Soft palm rest for endless comfort.

Not just gaming products, but also eight customizable accessories

  • Mouse wireless G705: Made specifically for smaller hands, with a compact, contoured shape and advanced technology. Weighing only 85 grams, designed for high performance and superior comfort. Thanks to the gaming sensor, ultra-responsive wireless, Bluetooth connectivity and the DPI adjustment button, gamers will be able to give their best.
  • Accessories: The collection also includes eight new accessories, which include whimsical touches like the cloud-shaped palm rest, cable clip and heart-shaped carrying case. Other accessories include ear pads and boom mic, top plate for the G713 and G715 keyboards, keycap extractor and brush and mousepad to fully customize your station.

Logitech G: Welcome to a new era of gaming

Prices and Availability

The entire Aurora Collection is certified carbon neutralwhich means we finance certified carbon offsets of high quality to reduce to zero the carbon impact of the product. The products include post-consumer recycled content and the paper packaging comes from certified forests FSCTM.

Available now on the official store and at authorized dealers. Gaming headphones G735 have a recommended price of 239,99 €. The keyboards G715 e G713 TKL have a recommended price respectively of 208,99 € e 174,99 €he smiles G705 has a recommended price of 103,99€.

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