Logitech presents the new colors of the most loved and used products

Logitech presenta i nuovi colori dei prodotti più amati e usati thumbnail

POP Series, K580 Keyboard and MK470 Slim Combo Keyboard and Mouse are the products of the brand Logitech which introduces i new colors. Minimal colors ranging from gray to pink to lilac, with swappable emoji keys, built-in phone holder and more.

Logitech, the new colors of the products. Here’s what they are

Lots of new colorful products from one of the most renowned brands in the technology sector. When a touch of personalization makes everything more beautiful!

Logitech, the new colors: MK470 keyboard and mouse in the new rose color

The new coloring Rose combines with the minimalist design of the best seller MK470 to create a workspace where spending time becomes just a pleasure.

The keys make typing more fluid and work experience ultra-quiet for those who write and for those who are nearby. The plug-and-play USB receiver offers a wireless connection with a range of 10 meters. This means no more cluttered cables on your desk.

As far as battery life is concerned, that of the mouse is 18 monthswhile for the keyboard 36. A virtually infinite period of use.

K580 keyboard in the new Rose color

The K580 keyboard is ultrathin and compact, it has a smartphone workstation built-in, has multi-device connectivity and is compatible with all devices.

Also for this model, the Rose color will make it much more pleasant to spend working hours in a more lively and colorful environment. Plus, the low-profile keys ensure quiet typing. The product is wireless and the battery life is 24 months.

Two new colors for the pop range

The Mist keyboard ha 8 interchangeable emoji keys, are mechanical and typewriter-style, and has multi-device connectivity. The mouse Cosmos instead, it is equipped with 12 useful shortcut keys: synonymous with absolute convenience.

The iconic retro-style keyboard and matching mouse arrive today in new Mist, Minimal and Blush colors grigioand Cosmos, more lively and on the tones of lilla.