Logitech: the Mevo Cam arrives to excel at the highest quality

Logitech introduces an all-in-one broadcast studio for streaming Full HD resolution from virtually any location possible

Logitech’s broadcast studio is one super compact studio. It is in fact an all-in-one recently presented and marketed. Consists of three chambers Mevo Start wireless laptops. These are built specifically for it streaming live.

Logitech: the Mevo Cam arrives to excel at the highest quality

What is the novelty

Together with the three Cams you will need the Mevo Multicam app (available for free download from the App Store or Google Play). These four ingredients represent the must-have of every buol streamer. One professional show with multiple cameras mixed directly fromDedicated app. Essentially designed for streaming and recording from anywhere. Mevo Start chambers are built for long sessions with duration of battery internal up to may be ore.

Otto Cedeno, marketing manager of Mevo At Logitech for Creators commented on the release of the product:

Whether you’re broadcasting live from your kitchen, a music studio or even a baseball game, with Mevo Start 3-Pack you can easily create a professional, high-quality, multi-angle stream

Other curiosities of the Logitech novelty

The Mevo Multicam app allows creators to connect and control up to three Mevo Start cameras to easily produce a broadcast-quality show with multi-camera angles. In addition, the Mevo Start’s 83.7-degree diagonal field of view allows creators to broadcast and registrare in full HD without distortion fisheye.

Mevo Start 3-Pack is available in some European countries on the Mevo website or on Amazon. The recommended price of the product is 1149 €. What do you think of this Logitech novelty? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading allotek to stay updated on the latest news and more.

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