Logitech Wave Keys review: the ergonomic wireless keyboard

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Logitech just announced the new keyboard Wave Keys, an ergonomic and wireless keyboard designed to improve the position of users’ arms in front of the desk. The Wave Keys is in fact characterized by a particular wave design which offers more comfortable typing which, together with the integrated padded palm rest, offers excellent comfort for the busiest work days. Thanks to Logitech, we tested the Wave Keys in preview and now we are ready to tell you about it in this review.

Our review of the Logitech Wave Keys keyboard

Time spent in front of the screen is no longer the prerogative of office workers. Between smartworking and daily practices “increasingly online”, more and more people spend more and more time in front of the computer. This increase goes hand in hand with an increase in people’s ergonomic needs which will increase over time. Logitech knows this well and after having delighted us with the Logitech Lift vertical mouse, it moves the necessary ergonomics on the desk to the keyboard too, and here Wave Keys Wireless is born


As anticipated, the Wave Keys by Logitech is a wireless keyboard characterized by an original wave design that is as curious as it is pleasant to look at. The design is made in such a way that we keep our arms and hands in the most natural and correct position so as not to tire our wrists while typing. For this objective, the Integrated, padded palm rest for ongoing support. The latter is characterized by three layers of different materials: memory foam, high-density foam and an easy-knit fabric shell to clean.

The keyboard style fits perfectly on any desk thanks to the colors offered, Graphite, Off-white and Rose (Rose available in spring 2024), and to the elegance of the keyboard itself. The structure is very compact (375.97 mm

In addition to the normal keys of any QWERTY keyboard, we also find a band of new keys, above the Function (FN) buttons, called Wave keys than using the Logi Options+ application to create fully customizable shortcuts that help you save time and work smoothly. Last but not least, at the base of the keyboard we find some useful e practical feet tilting at +4°. Also in the back there is the entrance for the AAA batteries that power the keyboard.


The Wave Keys is compatible with multiple operating systems, Windows, MacOS, ChromeOS, Linux, etc. and easily connects via Bluetooth or the Logi BOLT receiver included for added security. As well as the Lift vertical mouse, the keyboard can be connected to up to a maximum of three devices simultaneously thanks to the tecnologia Easy-Switch and can switch between devices with the push of a button.

Thanks to the Logi Options+ application we will be able to easily and effectively assign the Wave keys for greater productivity and efficiency. With the simple press of a button we will be able to activate the “do not disturb” mode, deactivate the microphone, start a daily routine that can also be customized and obtain a pleasant time of relaxation after a long day of work. In terms of autonomy, as anticipated, the keyboard is powered by AAA batteries included in the package which offer up to 3 years of life.

Our test of the Logitech Wave Keys

Logitech Wave Keys

For this review, we had the Logitech Wave Keys on test for about two weeks during which we replaced it with our everyday keyboard to work, surf the web and write this article.

At first glance, the wave design surprised usbut aware of the experience of the Lift mouse, also belonging to Logitech’s ERGO series, we put our doubts aside and started using it. The position we assume with our arms and hands is truly more natural and pleasant and has allowed us to work for longer (we hope our leaders are reading!) and above all without any pain. Wrists and forearms are always in the most correct and pleasant position.

The key press is excellent in both typing and sound, pleasant and silent. We also found the Wave keys extremely useful and customizing them is more than simple and made it easy for us to do various things such as muting the microphone, muting the audio or opening a certain program with the simple press of a button.

At first, we don’t deny it, the new position left us dumbfounded but after a few minutes our brain adapted perfectly to the new design. Writing documents, emails and articles is truly a pleasure and we never felt tired during our test. As gamers, we also had to try the keyboard with video games and although it is not designed for that purpose, we found it fine for simple and single-player games.

Logitech Wave Keys keyboard review in brief

This Logitech Wave Keys keyboard is the perfect device for those who, like us, spend a lot of time in front of the screen writing and sending emails. The original and visually pleasing wave design is also extremely useful and offers comfort like no other keyboard. All this for the price of €84.99.

Although the cost may seem high compared to a normal keyboard, it is good to remember that we are not dealing with a normal keyboard but a very useful ergonomic object that could solve or rather prevent certain problems that could arise over time.

Logitech Wave Keys will be available in Graphite and Off-White starting October 13, 2023 at www.logitech.com and other retailers.

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