Lords of the Fallen: the best spells

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In this new guide dedicated to Lords of the Fallen we will tell you about some of the best spells to use in the game

In Lords of the Fallen you have many different means at your disposal with which to defeat the creatures that infest Mournstead and obviously you can also count on the spells. In fact, they are present in the game three types of magic different: the magic infernal that climb on the inferno statistics; the magic radiose that scale on radiance; and the magic Threshold which scale on both of these stats. Depending on the build with which you face Lords of the Fallen you will therefore have access to a large number of different spells and in this article we will tell you about some of the best.

Lords of the Fallen: the best spells

Poisoned Weapon | Lords of the Fallen: the best spells

As strange as it may seem, poisoned weapon is probably the best weapon buff in all of Lords of the Fallen. This Umbral magic requires 8 radiance and 8 inferno to be used and allows you to infuse your weapon with the poison element. This buff gives you the ability to poison enemies hitting them enough times with your weapon but not only that.

Apparently, however, using this spell will not only make your weapon poisonous but will also increase the physical damage it deals by quite a bit. The damage bonus varies based on the magical power of your catalyst but, even with minimal statistics, the improvement is nothing short of excellent. Poisoned weapon is also really easy to obtain, given thatand you can conveniently purchase it from Molhu after recommending the bowl of revelations to him.

Lords of the Fallen: the best spells

Fury of Adyr | Lords of the Fallen: the best spells

Adyr’s Fury it is another infernal magic that is very useful as support for predominantly physical PCs. This buff allows you to increase all physical damage dealt for 90 seconds, thus making it perfect for all melee fighters. Plus Fury of Adyr is really easy to find, given that you can buy it from Damarose la Marchiata at the Bridge of Heavenly Rest. The only downside is that to use this magic you must have at least 22 in hell but, if you have a build based on this stat, you can’t miss it.

Lords of the Fallen: the best spells

Healing Radiance | Lords of the Fallen: the best spells

Healing radiance it is a radiant support spell that allows you to regenerate life points over time. As simple as this spell is, it is really very effective and it will allow you to really increase your chances of survival during bossfights. To use this magic you will only need 8 points to radiance and you can purchase it at the beginning of your adventure talking to Dunmire at the Bridge of Heavenly Rest.

Lords of the Fallen: the best spells

Healing Seal | Lords of the Fallen: the best spells

Just like Healing Radiance, this magic also serves to recover life points, requires only 8 radiance points and can be purchased from Dunmire. Unlike healing radiance, however, this spell does not regenerate HP over time, but provides substantial immediate healing for you and nearby allies as well. Due to its fairly long cast time Healing Seal is not a very useful spell to use during a bossfight, but It’s perfect for allowing you to continue exploring longer without being forced to rest at a Vestige.

Lords of the Fallen: the best spells

Latimer’s Javelin | Lords of the Fallen: the best spells

Latimer’s Javelin is a powerful Umbral spell that can be purchased from Molhu after bringing him the memory of the Silent Saint (obtainable by defeating the last swamp boss). This magic requires well 18 points to hell and 18 to radiance to be used, but the high cost is largely compensated by its usefulness.

Thanks to this spell you will be able to cast a very powerful ranged attack Able to strike quickly too very distant enemies. To magic deals quite a bit of damage and on top of that it can also apply status poison. As if that wasn’t enough, the javelin generates impact a small area explosion which is also capable of knocking down weaker enemies. In short, if you have an Umbral build, you won’t find a more reliable and powerful spell than this.

Lords of the Fallen: the best spells

Seismic attack | Lords of the Fallen: the best spells

If you have a build with at least 25 points to hell and look for a spell that can quickly get you out of trouble, then seismic attack it is perfect for you. By using this spell you can in fact summon a huge fire hammer and slam it into the ground to create a large chain of explosions which expands in a straight line. These explosions are capable of easily knock down weaker enemies and often they can too hit them more than once, thus inflicting tremendous damage. Thanks to its strangely fast cast time, high damage, and large area of ​​effect, this spell It will allow you to take out large groups of enemies in an instant.

Being so powerful, obviously getting seismic attack won’t be a walk in the park. In fact, to obtain the magic you will first have to save the tortured prisoner inside the Bridge of Heavenly Rest and then you will have to give him the giant’s eyean item obtained by defeating a very advanced boss in the game.

Lords of the Fallen: the best spells

Judgment of Orius | Lords of the Fallen: the best spells

Finally, let’s move on to what is probably the strongest offensive magic in the game: Judgment of Orius. This radiant magic comes sold by Stormund to the Abbey of the Consecrated Sisters and requires well 35 points in radiance to be used, but we assure you that it is really worth it.

By using this spell you can in fact unleash a thunderstorm which will last a long time and will repeatedly hit your enemies dealing tremendous damage and damaging their balance quite a bit. It doesn’t matter whether you are facing normal enemies, a boss or an invader, this magic is capable of completely destroying anyone who comes before it.

Lords of the Fallen: the best spells

Masters of magic

Here ends our article dedicated to the best spells in Lords of the Fallen. Now that you know what the best spells in the game are, all you have to do is insert them into your build and start devastating your enemies with the power of the underworld, the sky, or both.

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