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Lost Ark: guide to the best classes in descending order (“Tier list”)

Choosing the best classes in Lost Ark can be vital: let’s learn to distinguish the most suitable for our needs in this guide

When it comes to MMOs, it’s not dungeons or PvP arenas that are the biggest problem – it’s about understanding which classes are bestand in this guide a Lost Ark we would like to help you find them. If you are among the many new players ready to join the fandom, the first step is to find the class that suits you best. The main classes are five, and each is divided into multiple categories. For better or worse, any of them can be a starting point like any other, but that doesn’t stop some from standing out above all others based on the opponent you face. In short, you also need to know how to adapt.

In fact the resultants tier list there are two, depending on the type of competition that awaits you. We have compiled one for PvE (Player vs. Environment) and another for the PvP (Player vs. Player). In the first case, your opponent will be the computer, while the second term rather denotes targeted competitive multiplayer (like the one we covered in the Elden Ring co-op guide). Today we will try to summarize the strengths and weaknesses of each class, so that you already have an idea of ​​the best role to play once you have made your first start of the game.

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Let’s open the guide by looking at the best classes of Lost Ark as a whole. The overview (or “glance”, if you prefer) may already be sufficient for those of you who do not want to stay too long to investigate the case. Anyway, we are here to explain where and how to invest your time: spending a little more with us can save you some waste later. Or maybe not. As we have already said, every subclass of the game is eligible for candidates, and we don’t say “just to say”; you can really get to the end of the line with anyone… if you really want to, of course.

We took every aspect of the metagame into account in writing this one ranking of the various classes: how well they do in battle, how they contribute to team synergy, how easy it is to level them, and how much their Engravings. We take this opportunity to remind you that, in the absence of Italian translations, our two tier lists will keep the original glossary.

Tier list for PvE

  • S-rank: Bard, Paladin, Gunlancer
  • Rank A: Berserker, Gunslinger, Sorceress, Artillerist, Wardancer, Deathblade
  • Rank B: Shadowhunter, Sharpshooter, Striker, Soulfist
  • C-rank: Scrapper, Deadeye

Tier list for PvP

  • S-rank: Bard, Paladin, Deathblade
  • Rank A: Deadeye, Gunlancer, Sorceress, Wardancer, Gunslinger
  • Rank B: Striker, Soulfist, Shadowhunter, Artillerist, Berserker
  • C-rank: Sharpshooter, Scrapper

Lost Ark: guide to the best classes in descending order (

Rank S – Lost Ark best class guide

Deepening the various classes of Lost Ark in this guide, we will now follow the order from the best to the least suitable for the player in the context of PvE. However, we will also take into account the PvP. Let’s start with the bard (Bard), which earns first place due to its vital importance in each team as a support element to empower and heal other players. The offensive is not his forte, but that can be provided by teammates who enjoy his services. Every new player tends not to prefer support roles, but avoiding spending gold on bards will allow you to save a lot of it.

The paladin (Paladin) may focus on offensive roles as well, but for now we’re assuming you’re aiming for support. This way you can give your team a lot of benefits, similar to bards. The Lancer-Rifleman (Gunlancer) achieves bronze with an essential role in both PvE and PvP. If you are aiming for offensive play, this is the role you are looking for. You can use the … well, rifle lance to inflict a lot of damage, and then enjoy excellent defense thanks to their shields. Of course, the shield can also be used to protect your teammates.

Lost Ark: guide to the best classes in descending order (

Rank A – Lost Ark best class guide

Let’s go down a level and see who else is doing modestly well. If you like greatswords, probably the Berserker is for you. It is more suited to PvE, but also defends itself in PvP. The gunmen (Gunslinger) have three different guns based on the range of their attack. The versatility of this class is better than others for long range combat. Let’s move on to the sorceresses (Sorceress), whose spells have good offensive potential, especially with the right equipment. Compared to bards, however, their support skills falter. They are needed more for attacking than for anything else.

The gunners (Artillerist) are another division of the category to which the riflemen belong, and are used to inflict damage over an entire area. But their arsenal slows them down, making them vulnerable. The war dancers (Wardancer) are a sub-category of the martial artist (the main classes are below), and stand out for the combo between quick hits and elemental damage. You have to know how to use them, but the results sometimes speak for themselves. Finally the deadly blades (Deathblade) know how to be very good in PvP for their control of the battlefield. Even in PvE they do well, but to give their best they have to focus on one enemy at a time.

Lost Ark: guide to the best classes in descending order (

Rank B – Lost Ark best class guide

Let us now move on to the realm of “so-so”. The first class of six politicians is the shadow hunter (Shadowhunter), which doesn’t hit as hard as Deathblades but can be great for those who want to face enemies openly thanks to their demonic abilities. As for the marksman (Sharpshooter), is a great class for dealing medium and long range damage thanks to their bows and as many specialized arrows. The obvious Achilles heel of this class is close range combat, for which the Gunslinger proves to be much more suitable (and versatile).

As for martial arts, it is Striker he can deal a fair amount of damage, as are his abilities and stats. It’s not as versatile as the Wardancers, but at least it doesn’t require the impossible out of your reaction times. The fist of the soul (Soulfist) is similar to the class just described, in that not even he offers the same versatility seen with the Wardencers. If nothing else, it still offers unique gameplay, combining melee attacks with medium range moves to quickly dispose of enemies. And with this we can define the strongest categories concluded… or not?

Lost Ark: guide to the best classes in descending order (

Rank C

In fact, the ones we see in this guide are simply the best classes to get started in Lost Ark. While the wreckage (Scrapper) have their weaknesses, therefore, it is still a more than valid class and worthy of being at least tested. Don’t expect this type of hand-to-hand fighter to be on par with other martial arts experts. With the Scrapper you will need to keep an eye on multiple pools of resources to make the most of its various abilities, and with several enemies to look after on the battlefield it may not be the easiest task.

As for dead eyes (Deadeye), it is one of the most technically demanding subclasses of the game. In their case, it is imperative to hit an enemy from behind in order to inflict as much damage as possible. Again: it’s a quietly manageable class, but our advice is to return to Deadeye only after trying the game with the other classes. Going around an enemy to be able to hit them in such a specific way requires a lot of dexterity, which is why the class is at the bottom of the PvE-based tier list (despite being in the A rank in terms of pure and simple PvP).

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: did our guide help you? Let us know below, and as always don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.