Lost Judgment: the long-awaited detective thriller for consoles is out today

Lost Judgment: the long-awaited detective thriller for consoles is out today

After early access on Monday, Lost Judgment, the detective thriller game for PlayStation and Xbox, is officially released today. Here is the launch trailer.

After the pre-order comes Lost Judgment

Just three days ago SEGA e Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio have opened the pre-orders of the new action detective thriller: Lost Judgment. The game is available today for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. The title also supports Xbox Smart Delivery and offers a free upgrade from the PlayStation 4 to the PlayStation 5 version.

As demonstrated by the trailer, the game intertwines elements of investigation, dark narrative and action combat. Players will take on the role of Takayuki Yagami, a private investigator who defends those the law fails to protect.

To solve the mysteries and collect clues you will need to make the most of Yagami’s investigator tricks. The latter is also an adept martial arts fighter, mastering three different styles. Skills that will be useful to your character in case of ambushes. Styles can be customized and enhanced through the skill tree. However, fighting will not always be the wisest choice: a good investigator acts undercover. The game will give you the chance to explore the open cities of Kamurocho and Ijincho in search of clues to the case. However, you will be able to take a break and discover the unique culture of each of the places on the map, through bars and other nightclubs.

Lost Judgment is available in two versions besides the standard one. This is the Digital Deluxe Edition and of Digital Ultimate Edition. The first includes the game and two content packs: the Detective Essentials Pack, it School Stories Expansion Pack (available from October 26th). The Digital Ultimate Edition includes all content from the Digital Deluxe Edition and The Kaito Files, an independent story expansion with Kaito as a playable character in a new scenario. Available in spring 2022.

The game is now available worldwide on the official website and at physical retailers.