Luca Centurioni is Marketing Director of Sky Media Italia

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Luca Centurioni, Marketing Director of Sky Media Italia

Sky Media Italia announced the appointment of Luca Centurioni come Marketing Director. Centurions will report directly to Giuseppina Violante, Managing Director of Sky Media. And he joins a team that has already seen further reinforcements over the course of the year, including the entry of Marco Ravasi as Sales Director of the dealership.

Luca Centurioni is Marketing Director of Sky Media Italia

Luca Centurioni’s experience covers a wide range of sectors, ranging from Communication Strategy al Marketing e Digital Transformation. He has accumulated experience in some of the most important companies in the advertising sector, including Publicis Group e Omnicom. In his previous role, he served as Chief Growth Officer at Zenith Media.

As Marketing Director of Sky Media, Centurioni has the important responsibility of developing the roadmap of thedealership’s multi-channel offering and define effective go-to-market strategies. This objective aims to guarantee the optimal positioning of the contents and products that make up the Sky Media portfolio.

This appointment further strengthens Sky Media’s position within Sky Italia’s strategies. Since April, in fact, Giuseppina Violante had strengthened her role as head of the concessionaire, now reporting directly to the CEO of Sky Italia, Andrea Duilio.

The appointment of Luca Centurioni as Marketing Director adds further resources and skills for the growth of Sky Media. Also consolidating the role within the Sky Italia group.

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