Lumen, un altro fornitore di servizi internet lascia la Russia thumbnail

Lumen, another internet service provider leaves Russia

Lumen, another internet service provider leaves Russia thumbnail

After Cogentanothero internet provider leaves Russia: Lumen has decided to stop its activities in the country ‘immediately’. According to the company, the risk of working in that area of ​​the world is too high. And he fears Moscow’s actions for the integrity of the internet globally. This leads to other Russian families and businesses not having internet connection.

Lumen, another internet provider leaves Russia

According to the Washington Post, the company decided to immediately abandon its business in Russia. Even if the American internet service provider specifies what it was like “Extremely small and very limited”. However, independent sources like Kentik point out that the company plays a vital role in bringing information as well international data in Russia.

In fact, among Lumen’s customers there would be national companies such as Rostelecom e TransTelekom. So it is thought that the Kremlin (and sadly the Russian population too) will feel the impact of this departure.

russia disconnects itself from the internet 1

This decision could impact Russians’ ability to access online services that are on servers outside the country. By increasing the technological isolationism in which fly is found after the invasion of Russia. Which has led to several companies such as Apple, Google, Meta and Microsoft has limit or withdraw products and services. And with Amazon Web Service announcing that it is no longer accepting new Russian and Belarusian users, the situation is getting worse.

However, these positions do not come up to what is requested by Ukraine, which has requested to exclude Russia gives internet. A move that appears to be ithe Kremlin is in turn considering, to keep news of the conflict out of the way and continue to provide only propaganda to the population.

The situation is constantly changing, you can follow our coverage of the “digital front” of the conflict here.

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