Lumote’s review: The Mastermote Chronicles – a gelatinous fluorescent world

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We tried Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles are Nintendo Switchthe title out on April 21 from Luminawesome Games, and we’re ready to tell you what we think with this one review. Are you ready to dive into this meraviglioso platform 3D made of jelly and lovely verses?

Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles review

In this game title, players will take on the role of Lumotea small jelly-like creature that tries to overthrow the Mastermote. To do this, you need to go down through the floating platformstransform the electric lines and especially, avoid falling. In short, we are faced with a platform in meat and jelly.

The title does not have a well-defined plot, in a certain sense it can be understood through the panoramai squeaks he adorable verses of our Lumote. There are no spoken dialogues and you will not find even a written. All you have to do is be guided by instinct and those bright and fluorescent colors.

aside a tutorial minimal, in which the function of the main keys is explained to us, the title lets us explore the surrounding environment with tranquility and without too many obstacles. In reality though we don’t need too many directives because the game is understandable ed intuitive.

One of the most interesting aspects is the world of Lumote: we are faced with a gigantic continuous environment, completely no loading screensor, apart from short transition to a new level of floating platforms and puzzles. It is also possible to see aree future o already visited looking up or down. The game also is exceptionally fluid e well optimizedand we never encountered any noticeable drop in performance.

Lumote’s bizarre bioluminescent world and graphics are indeed one of its strongest features. This game and its environments are absolutely splendid. Vibrant red, blue or purple lights flash around us, and the environments are filled with various and strange jelly-like creatures.

The graphics and design of the creatures are inspired by alien life forms living in darker depths of the oceans, wandering in an environment characterized by surreal and biotechnological structures and architectures. In short, this game is innovative e full of personality.

As if that were not enough, the whole is completed by one relaxing soundtrack which helps reinforce the cool atmosphere of the game. Despite being a puzzle game at its core, Lumote is also a ‘extremely relaxing experience which invites players to explore it at their own pace.

A colorful and vibrant gameplay

The actual Lumote gameplay consists of solve a series of self-contained puzzle rooms. There are around 50 puzzles in allinterspersed with “Cut” which gradually bring us closer to the core of the Mastermote.

The puzzles all revolve around the move objects that allow the colors of the bioluminescent world of to change and then to pass from red to blue. As already mentioned, there will not be a real tutorial that will explain how to move; the game, however, is intuitive and in a few minutes you will understand how to proceed.

Each area of ​​the puzzle is characterized by stroboscopic power lines leading to a fiorewhich acts as closing mechanism of the door of the next puzzle. Each power line has a switch that you will need to activate for turn it blue.

To do all this, you will have to “to possess” (or simply to drag) creatures of the world around you. How can you do this? Simple: jumping on it e moving them. The most common creature are gods mushy translucent cubes that absorb color, and are often what we need to place on switches to turn them blue.

Generally, most puzzles are about trying to understand how to reach these creatures; once reached, you must then understand how to get them to the switches of the puzzle.

The opening of the paths towards each switch involves the exploitation of the trinity of colors of the game. Il rosso and the blu they are at odds, one against the other; instead the viola it’s a neutral color that can work in combination with one of the other twoalthough not at the same time.

The title it doesn’t have a difficulty level but we noticed that the latter increases as you move forward with the puzzles. Furthermore, the puzzles, in addition to being well structured, gradually add new ones mechanical e creature.

Creatures of all kinds – and colors

The first creatures you will encounter are groups of long plants reminiscent of tubular worms. These they grow up o si shrink based on the color of the object placed on them. They can be used to create bridges, elevators or for push an object.

You will also find two types of floating platforms below laser paths, puffer fish that can create such paths, e flying jellyfish. Each creature has its own little quirks and uses, and the game manages to create really clever puzzles that allow us to manipulate every creature ability to our advantage. Proceed forward and find all these strange and fascinating creatures.

Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles review – pass or fail?

recensione lumote tech princess

From people who don’t love particularly platformers, we are happy to tell you that Lumote: The Mastermote Chronicles is passed with flying colors. It was a wonderful experience, from one point of view visual, and extremely relaxing. In terms of difficulty, we had no problems; we never got stuck – at most it took a few more minutes to figure out where to go but other than that everything went according to plan.

We have no complaints or defects to report: zero bug, zero problems. It really was an experience enjoyable. If we really had to find a flaw it would be the duration: we would have wanted a gaming experience even longercon multiple levels and rooms to explore. We really enjoyed exploring this bioluminescent world.

Lumote is a marvelous e rilassante platform in 3D, characterized by a fantastic and vibrant aesthetic; all this, combined with the gentle and relaxing soundtrack, creates an interesting and creative world that players can explore from top to bottom.

The puzzles are balanced e well done: they are smart, unique and not too complicated. So if you are looking for a truly challenging experience, Lumote it is not for you. If, on the other hand, you are a beginner and are looking for a fun platformer to start with, then you can’t miss it.

We remind you that the title is available starting from April 21, 2022 are Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch e PlayStation. Later it will also be available on Google Stadia.


  • Vibrant and colorful graphics
  • Relaxing soundtrack
  • Levels with a balanced difficulty …
  • Perfect for those approaching the genre


  • … unsuitable for “experts”
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