Telepass: the device fee is free for motorcyclists who are already Pay customers

Telepass: il canone del dispositivo diventa gratuito per i motociclisti già clienti Telepass Pay thumbnail

Telepass announced thezeroing of the subscription fee for the Telepass Family electronic toll system for all motorcyclists customers who have already activated the Motorcycle discount and who already own the offers Telepass Pay o Telepass Pay X. Even those who subscribe to the offer by the end of August 2022 will be able to take advantage of this discount. Here are the details about this new promotion launched by Telepass.

Telepass: the device fee is free for motorcyclists who are Telepass Pay customers

Telepass Pay customers can therefore count on free of charge for the Telepass Family fee as long as they keep the ownership of the Telepass Family with active Motorcycle discount and one of the offerte Pay o Pay X. All motorcyclists who already own the Telepass Family device with Motorcycle Discount will be able to obtain the cancellation of the fee by joining the offer by the month of August. To activate the Telepass Pay offers, simply download the app available for Android and iOS devices. Customers who have not yet subscribed to a Telepass Family subscription can instead access the promotion by next August by writing to [email protected] or by going to a Telepass Store. For more details you can consult the Telepass official website.

The discount has been renewed

Telepass also confirmed that, for all of 2022, it is The 30% discount on the toll for motorcycles equipped with the Telepass Family device has been renewed. The discount is applied on motorway sections managed by concessionary companies that adhere to the Motorcycle Discount initiative.