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Mac Pro with M2 Extreme chip coming in 2023

Apple would be working on a Mac Pro con chip M2 Extremethe most powerful computer in its lineup, which is expected to debut in 2023. The company had already tested a version with an M1 chip, but preferred to discard it and focus on the new generation of chips.

Apple will launch a Mac Pro with M2 Extreme chip in 2023

Bloomberg expert Mark Gurman he carried out an interview with youtuber Vadim Yuriev in which he talked about Apple, a subject he is very well informed about. Among the things he talked about is the chip version Apple Silicon of Mac Prothe most powerful computer in Apple’s lineup.

“They also had a Mac Pro with M1 ready a few months ago. But they discarded it to wait for the M2 version ″ explains Gurman. The expert explains that a version of Apple’s computer should arrive next year, in 2023. But Apple should announce it as early as the end of 2022.

Gurman had already explained in a past edition of his newsletter “Power On” that Mac Pro would use an M2 Extreme chip, which should be the most powerful variant of Silicon chips ever. It is not clear how this works, whether it is an enhanced version of the existing models or a new architecture.

The expert further said to “expect a look like one smaller version of the current design“. This means that memes with the ‘Apple grater’ will also go crazy in 2023.

Gurman also spoke of Mac mini, which should totally change the design next year according to some rumors. But the expert says he does not believe it will be so, since he has not heard of it in the circles of Cupertino.

Instead he thinks we’ll see a new iMac Pro, “Larger than the current 24 inches” but with a similar visual language. It should arrive in the course of 2023. Which seems to be shaping up to be a year once again full of news for Apple.

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