Mac Studio: a new leak reveals the design

Last week it emerged that Apple is developing a new desktop machine called Mac Studio as a high-end alternative to the existing Mac mini. Now, a new leak claims to have revealed interesting details about this new Apple device – let’s take a look at everything we know for the moment on the matter.

Mac Studio: New design details emerged

This new leak comes from YouTuber Luke Miani, which so far has a not-so-clean track record as far as Apple is concerned. For example, before the launch of the new models of MacBook Pro last year, Miani said the machines would be limited to 32GB of RAM and would feature an illuminated Touch ID button. None of this information then had real feedback.

According to Miani, the new Mac Studio and a lower-end external display will be announced at Apple’s “Peek Performance” event tomorrow. This information comes after 9to5Mac reported on Mac Studio development last week and Mark Gurman Bloomberg, along with the analyst Ming-Chi Kuothey reported a few extra details on this display over the weekend.

The Mac Studio design would therefore be very similar to the current two models of macmini, with the machine featuring a silver design with rounded edges. Presumably it measures about the same size as the current M1 Mac mini, but is four inches taller.

The new display instead it features a design inspired by the Pro Display XDR and the latest 24-inch iMac. The difference is that it should reportedly measure 27 inches diagonally, making it larger than the 24-inch iMac but smaller than the 32-inch Pro Display XDR. It also doesn’t feature the Pro Display XDR lattice pattern on the back, nor does it feature the Pro Stand.

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