Il nuovo MacBook Air M2 promosso nei primi benchmark: è al livello del Pro thumbnail

MacBook Air M2, demand remains high after a month

MacBook Air M2, demand remains high after a month thumbnail

Almost a month after its launch, the MacBook Air M2 request remains very high e Apple is struggling to manage, given the relatively low inventory. The basic configuration requires three weeks of waiting on the official website of the Apple in the United States (while in Italy the situation seems better). And despite the higher price, it seems that the new design and the M2 chip have conquered everyone.

MacBook Air M2, the demand for the new laptop remains high

Currently on the Apple website you can get a new thin laptop delivered to your home by the last week of August. A wait of two weeks, which during August (especially in our country) is more than good. But in the United States the list goes up to three weeks for the model with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD memory.

We are not talking about expectations comparable to those dictated by the supply problems related to lockdown in China at the beginning of the year. But it still seems like the demand for the MacBook Air is high. Perhaps also due to the return to school of students, who could buy this product for the university.

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In recent months, Apple has struggled to keep up with the demands of its customers, both for sales above expectations and for supply problems. But lately it seems to have made up for most of the delays.

Except in regards to the Mac Studio and theiMac con chip M1, which take up to a month on average to arrive on users’ desks. Basically, as soon as Mac computers are ready they are sold. So that Tim Cook reported in the latest investor report to have just an estimate of Mac demand. Because when stocks were too low to make an estimate.

The Apple aims to smooth out the situation in the coming months, with October that should go much better. Also because it looks like Apple already has 90 million iPhones ready for salea.

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