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MacBook Air with Mini LED display, the possible release period revealed

Apple would plan to announce a MacBook Air redesigned with a display Mini LED 13.3 inch in mid-2022. This is what Apple’s trusted analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says: a prediction in line with previous Kuo leaks.

Will the new MacBook Air with Mini LED display arrive in mid-2022?

Apple plans to announce a MacBook Air con un display Mini LED 13.3-inch in mid 2022. The forecast is in line with Kuo’s previous reports, but offers a more specific time frame. It also suggests that the new Air will have a slightly smaller display compared to the 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros rumored to be coming this year.

Mini LED is a relatively new technology designed to offer some of the advantages of OLED, such as better contrast levels and better dynamic range, without the risk of burn-in. Apple first included it on this year’s 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

Kuo previously listed a few Apple devices that will migrate to the new displays, including a 27-inch iMac Pro; 14.1-inch MacBook Pro; 16-inch MacBook Pro; iPad 10.2 and iPad Mini 7.9-inch. According to Kuo, Apple would be able to include the most premium displays thanks to the cost savings associated with using its own silicon.

In addition to the new display technology, the upcoming MacBook Air will feature the ricarica MagSafe, a thinner and lighter design e two USB ports 4. We had previously reported that the new Air will be powered by a “Direct successor” of the M1 processor of this year. The new chip is rumored to include the same number of CPU cores but more GPU cores. The current M1 processor is available with seven or eight GPU cores, while the new model will reportedly include nine or ten.

The new MacBook Air is likely to follow the revamped MacBook Pros, arriving in the third quarter of this year. The Pros will reportedly be available with 14- or 16-inch displays (Mini LED, according to Kuo) with a new, squarer design. MagSafe charging is also said to be included, la HDMI port and the SD card slot. Even the OLED touch bar could finally be abandoned with these models.

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