Apple ha appena depositato un brevetto soprendente per i MacBook Pro thumbnail

MacBook M1s enter the DIY repair program

Apple's DIY repair program also supports MacBook M1 thumbnails

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The program Self Service Repair di Apple is now also available for i MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with M1 processor. As already anticipated in the past by the American house, the program continues to expand and, after the iPhone, it also reaches the MacBook range. Here are the details of the new program launched for the American users of the Cupertino house:

MacBooks M1 can also benefit from Apple’s DIY repair program

In the United States, you can self-repair a MacBook with an M1 processor. The devices have, in fact, been included by Apple in the list of compatible devices with the Self Service Repair program. Users can rent the repair kit (at a cost of $ 49 per week) and purchase the various components necessary to perform the interventions (with the support of the technical manuals made available by the company).

In the future, Apple is expected to further expand the programto. In addition to MacBooks with M1 processor, in fact, the company should also introduce support for several other Mac models of recent production. Apple’s goal is to gradually extend the program to its entire range or at least to all devices launched in recent years. Further updates in this regard will certainly arrive over the next few months.

In the future, a program of this type should also be introduced in Italy, allowing users in our country to access device repairs in an even easier way.

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