MacBook Pro 16: Charging Issues with MagSafe 3

MacBook Pro 16: problemi di ricarica con MagSafe 3 thumbnail

Some users have reported problems with the charging via MagSafe 3 of MacBook Pro 16, the new and very powerful laptop from Apple. Charging appears to stop if the Mac is off or closed.

Problems charging via MagSafe 3 for MacBook Pro 16

According to several users on Reddit, the new MacBook Pro 16 has some problems during the charging phase. In fact, it seems that, if the device is closed or turned off, the LED on the MagSafe charger does not light up and turns green when charging is complete. Instead, flashes yellow and fails to recharge the device.

Some users have contacted Apple Support directly. One user even managed to get himself replace the laptop. “I went to the Genius bar and they tested with their cable and charger. They had the same problem. They said they would order a new 140 watt charger to see if it can fix the problem. But they said it’s more likely a firmware problem but they have no real proof that this is so ”.

The user goes on to say that “I went home and got a call from Apple the next day. Someone was calling me to pick up the question and they asked me a lot of questions and given instructions to throw a special diagnostic program. After I did it they said they wanted to pick up my MacBook and his charger and that they would give me a new one as soon as they got it ”.

Other online tests have shown that the problem does not arise if you turn off the laptop after starting charging. MagSafe 3 fails to charge the Mac only if it connects when it is already shut down. Not everyone is having this problem, so it may be a limited problem. But in case it happened to you too, know that you are not alone and that you can contact Apple directly for the solution.