MacBook Pro, production moved to accelerate the pace

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The supplier of Apple Quanta Computer would be considering the possibility of shifting production of MacBook Pro and Shanghai to his factory in Chongqing, to avoid lockdowns. In this way it could recover the production of the highly sought-after laptops.

Quanta Computer: Apple supplier moves MacBook Pro production to avoid lockdowns

According to sources close to Apple’s supply chain, the MacBook Pros will change manufacturing location. Indeed it appears that How much Computer wants to move production at another factory, also in China. By doing so, it could circumvent government restrictions due to anti-Covid lockdowns.

In fact, in the last two months the production for Quanta Computer has proceeded slowly. Lockdowns and derivative procurement problems cause chand fail to assemble MacBook Pros at the pace Apple expected. For this reason on the Apple website at the moment you have to wait until mid-July for MacBooks with M1 Pro and Max chips.


Apple already had communities in the past that due to the restrictions due to Covid-19 in China, the production of iPhones and MacBooks would have proceeded slowly. The company estimates in the resulting losses from a minimum of 4 billion to a maximum of 8 billion dollars.

By changing headquarters, the Quanta company should speed up production and Apple will be able to bring the notebooks presented in October 2021 finally into the hands of users. But the change will not be sudden, therefore we do not expect sudden changes of pace. Those who buy a Mac today will have to wait a little longer, unfortunately.

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