MacBook Pro: slow production, problems for Apple

MacBook Pro: la produzione procede a ritmi ridotti thumbnail

The resumption of production of Apple’s MacBook Pros follows a particularly slow pace in recent weeks. At the moment, in fact, Quanta Computers, the production partner chosen by Apple for its MacBook Pro, has to deal with problems of various kinds, including reduced personnel and logistical difficulties due to the lockdown and the wave of new infections in China and , in particular, in the Shanghai area where the production plants are located.

Production of Apple’s MacBook Pros continues at a slow pace

The expected resumption of production activities did not take place. The MacBook Pros are back to being assembled in the Quanta Computer factory but currently the production capacity would be less than 20% of the maximum according to DigiTimes reports. The problems to be faced are numerous. The company has to contend with labor shortage, due to infections, e logistic problems. It may take several weeks for a business to resume. The difficulties recorded by the production system have been going on for several weeks now. There is no short-term solution for now.

Everything postponed to July?

According to some analyzes, in fact, the production of MacBook Pro will return to high rates only starting next July. In the meantime, however, delivery times will lengthen significantly. MacBook Pro availability, especially in some markets, is set to be particularly tight in the near future. More details on the matter could come soon.

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