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MacBook Pro: The production of the new generation has begun

Production of Apple’s new MacBook Pros has begun. The new range will consist of two variants, one with a 14 inches and a larger one, with a ben 16 inches. Confirmation regarding the start of production comes from a recent DigiTimes report. According to rumors, for the first phase of production, Apple plans to make 800,000 units per month. This pace will be maintained at least until next November.

Production of the new MacBook Pro begins

Apple’s suppliers have started production of the new MacBook Pro. The new range of laptops should feature the new display mini LED (for both variants) and a updated design. Also noteworthy is the debut of the new processor M2 which should provide a further sizable leap in performance for the range of macOS devices.

Debut in the fall

According to the first information of these days, the debut of the new MacBook Pro line is set for the next one Autumn. Apple is expected to hold a dedicated event to present its new line of laptops which, therefore, should not debut alongside the new iPhones and the Apple Watch Series 7, debuting in September.

The presentation of the new laptops from Apple could happen over the next month’s November. Already in the coming weeks, new details could emerge both on the specifications and design and on the performance of the new products of the Cupertino house. In any case, international sales of the new MacBook Pro will start by the end of the year.

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