macOS Monterey: USB devices don’t work after update

macOS Monterey: dopo l'aggiornamento i dispositivi USB non funzionano thumbnail

Several users are reporting that devices USB they no longer work after updating to macOS Monterey. It is still unclear whether this is a widespread problem, but there are already many reports from users stating that macOS Monterey is causing problems with USB 3.0 devices specifically. For some, it’s their USB device that no longer works, while for others, their hub’s HDMI and USB-C ports continue to work properly.

macOS Monterey is causing problems for USB devices

Users have reported the problem on the developer forums of Apple since July, when macOS Monterey was in beta. Now that it’s available to everyone, it seems more people are running into the same mistake, apparently still without a solution.

“My USB-C hub is having problems with this update. The HDMI port connected to my second screen works on the hub but none of the USB 3 ports work. I’ve tried several USB-C ports on the Mac Mini and several hubs (I have 4). I also replicated this problem on my MacBook Air M1 after upgrading to Monterey. These hubs worked perfectly with Big Sur, ”wrote one of the users of the Developer Forum in July. At the moment, a definitive solution to the problem has not yet been found, as many users are proceeding by trial and error.

Apple support, questioned by some users, replied to try an Apple certified hub; even when the Apple certified hub works in some cases it is not possible to use other hubs connected to this one.

In short, it seems clear that the update to macOS Monterey must have interrupted the operation of a large number of USB hubs. Some USB hubs work but some ports on the hub don’t, some hubs don’t work at all. It is, in all likelihood, a bug of Monterey, as already theorized by most of the people affected by this problem.