Madden NFL 23: il nuovo trailer svela il FieldSENSE thumbnail

Madden NFL 23: New Trailer Unveils FieldSENSE System

EA has teased some of the news coming to Madden NFL 23. The simulation dedicated to the world of American football is preparing to record a real revolution thanks to the arrival of the new FieldSENSE Gameplay System. Here are all the details:

Madden NFL 23 is shown in the new official trailer

This is a new gameplay base that focuses on ultra-realism and which will be accessible exclusively for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and Series S versions of the game. Thanks to FieldSENSEplayers will be able to rely on more control in all positions and in every aspect of Madden NFL 23. It should also be noted that the new features of FieldSENSE have been anticipated by the new official trailer which we attach below. The game will be available worldwide starting next year 19th of August and is already available for the pre-order through the official store. The game will arrive on both PC and Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

EA’s comment

Aaron McHardy, executive producer of Madden NFL Gameplay, states, “Coach Madden had the most realistic 11v11 American football simulation vision possible, and with FieldSENSE the game is more authentic this year and beyond. We can’t wait for our fans to feel the control they have in Madden NFL 23, the new features we built with FieldSENSE put in their hands the power to make great plays across the pitch. ”

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