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Magma Mini: ROCCAT’s new 60% RGB keyboard

ROCCAT announces the new Magma Mini 60% gaming keyboard, now already available in its most compact format with membrane switches

ROCCAT, the award-winning peripheral brand, ha announced that its new Magma Mini 60% gaming keyboard is now available. Magma Mini in its 60% more compact format, offers the best of performance and durability combined with proprietary membrane switch technology. Magma Mini’s top plate is fully illuminated with five programmable zones displaying the stunning AIMO RGB lighting by ROCCAT.

Magma Mini was also designed with maximum durability in mind and is IP33 rated against water and dust. Let’s find out more about this product together, but first, the words spoken by Juergen StarkChairman e CEO presso Turtle Beach Corporation;

ROCCAT’s Magma Mini is the perfect choice for PC gamers looking to add stunning RGB lighting to their setup at an attractive price. ROCCAT’s Magma and Magma Mini redefine what gamers should expect from modern membrane keyboards in terms of performance and push the boundaries even further with RGB lighting that allows for an upgrade to any desktop

Magma Mini: ROCCAT's new 60% RGB keyboard Magma Mini: ROCCAT's new 60% RGB keyboard

Magma Mini: ROCCAT’s new 60% RGB keyboard

The Magma Mini 60% gaming keyboard has a translucent top plate with 10 LED backlights and five programmable RGB zones. ROCCAT’s AIMO lighting allows gamers to have a vivid and immersive experience with 16.8 million RGB color options and syncs with other AIMO-enabled ROCCAT products to create a stunning PC gaming station.

Magma Mini has responsive membrane keys with a quick and intermediate actuation point. There easyshift technology of ROCCAT provides extended key functionality and the anti-ghosting technology allows players to press up to 20 keys simultaneously in the heat of battle, and all will register as intended. Additionally, the Magma Mini’s power cable connects to the left side of the keyboard, making it perfect for gamers who play with their keyboard tilted, leaving more room for larger mouse movements.

ROCCAT’s Magma Mini combines responsive performance with stunning RGB lighting at an MSRP of 49,99 EUR. If you want to keep learning about the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from

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