Make your home safer: the products on offer for Amazon Prime Day 2023

Rendi la tua casa più sicura: i prodotti in offerta per l'Amazon Prime Day 2023 thumbnail

Even home Move participate in the highly anticipated Amazon Prime Day with a special offer valid today and tomorrow: Smart Lock 3.0 Pro at a super discounted price. Discover the electronic lock with integrated Wi Fi, which protects the home in an intelligent way.

Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro on offer for Amazon Prime Day

The innovative smart lock by Nuki is now at a discounted price for Amazon Prime Day (July 11 and 12), the most anticipated online shopping event of the year. Smart Lock 3.0 Pro is available in its two versions, Black and White, on the Amazon store at a price €209 instead of €279.

Protect your home the smart way

Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro is an electronic lock equipped with Integrated WiFi, which revolutionizes home access. Thanks to the integrated remote activation and a long-lasting battery pack, this smart lock allows you to monitor accesses and protect your home even remotely.

Monitor logins remotely

The Smart Lock 3.0 Pro lock allows you to open the door in a smart way, with the simple use of your own smartphone o smartwatch. Nuki’s technology turns your device into a smart key, very useful in different situations, such as when you are not at home. The door can also be opened automatically, thanks to the function Auto Unlock.

L’app Nuki allows you to always keep access under control while you are at work, on vacation or travelling. Through the app you can assign authorizations to relatives and friends with the use of digital keys or with a simple click. This way you will have a constant monitoring home access, ensuring its security.

How do I install Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 Pro?

Smart Lock 3.0 Pro is easy to install: just mount it on the inside of the door. It does not require screws or drilling to do this. To understand whether the smart electronic lock is compatible with your input portNuki has made a quick “installation check” available on its official website in the dedicated section.

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