MaliBot mette a rischio chi usa le app delle banche su smartphone thumbnail

MaliBot puts those who use bank apps on smartphones at risk

A new threat for users who use banking apps on smartphones: MaliBotand malware that masquerades as cryptocurrency mining app. Instead, it ends up stealing your financial information.

MaliBot, the new malware for banking apps

Check Point Research (CPR), Threat Intelligence division of Check Point Software Technologies, discovered a new banking malware for Android, called MaliBot. After the takedown of FluBota new threat to users.

And “Disguises” as a cryptocurrency mining app cwith different names to then target mobile banking services. Use the smishing (SMS phishing) to convince you to click on a malicious click that download an app containing malware, posing as your bank.

hacker attack

Maya Horowitz, VP Research of Check Point Software, explains: “While it’s always good to see law enforcement being able to stop hacker or malware groups like FluBot, unfortunately it didn’t take long for new mobile malware to take its place. Cybercriminals are well aware of the central role mobile devices play in many people’s lives and are always able to adapt and improve their tactics. The scenario is evolving rapidly and mobile cyber threats pose a significant threat to personal and corporate security. It has never been more important to have a robust mobile threat prevention solution. “

CPR explains that the most prevalent malware this month remains Emotet, which also has a new variant for the Chrome browser since June. The RAT Advanced Formbook iinstead is in second place, followed by Snake Keylogger. Although differently, they both record what you type to steal your data.

On smartphones, on the other hand, the most exploited malware is AlienBotfollowed by Anubis (un banking trojan) e Malibot, precisely. The invitation is always to pay attention to what you download. Find more information at this address.

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