Mario Golf Super Rush: tips and tricks to become the best

In this guide we are going to see some tips and tricks to become an excellent golfer on Mario Golf Super Rush. Let’s see them together

After being presented through a trailer with the participation of the golfer Lucrezia Colombotto Rosso, Mario Golf Super Rush landed on ours Nintendo Switch ready to give us hours and hours of play. However, being a good golfer is not as simple as you might think and some tricks and tips to better enjoy the experience on Mario Golf Super Rush could be for you. So let’s start this guide and see how to move in the game and how to become the best.

Let the adventure begin

As soon as you start the game, surely the first step you will have to do will be to start theGolf Adventure. Yes we know, the desire to try one of the modes and play a simple game will be great, but trust us. Begin the Golf Adventure, especially for those who have never had the opportunity to play similar titles it’s the best choice you can make. Here, in fact, you will experience the single player “campaign” of the game that will take you to unlock the various routes and more.

All you have to do will be use one of the Miis registered on your Switch and start this mini-adventure consisting of rounds of golf and moments of exploration and training. In this mode, in fact, you can train for improve your technique, but above all you will learn the basics thanks to the tutorial that will explain every detail of this sport. Completing races and training will also earn you money experience points to level up. Thanks to these you can then level up your Mii to make it more competitive and get stronger and stronger.

Mario Golf Super Rush: tips and tricks to become the best

Character traits – Mario Golf Super Rush, tips and tricks

Currently 16 characters are available that you can use during your gaming sessions. As to be expected, these differ from each other not only in physical appearance, but they are each linked to very important parameters that make them unique and more or less suited to the style of each player. These differences are not only composed of the parameters that can be leveled with the Mii, but also by special skills that each character possesses. Let’s go in order and understand what we are talking about.

The parameters shown below are those that differentiate each character and that characterize him for the type of game he can offer. These are:

  • Power: is the ability to make the ball go as far as possible after a shot
  • Resistance: are the stamina points that allow the character to shoot longer or to use a certain amount of special shots in succession
  • Speed: it is the character’s ability to run as fast as possible
  • Control: this particular parameter allows the character to hit the ball adequately, reducing the possibility that the ball deviates from the chosen trajectory
  • Spin: is the ability to impart effects during a strike. The higher it is, the greater the effects that can be assigned to the ball during the flight phase

Mario Golf Super Rush: tips and tricks to become the best

As mentioned, however, the characters are also equipped with special abilities. The first concerns one special shot, which can be activated by consuming a certain amount of resistance. This will allow us to cover a greater distance at the same time, but will also be able to take down our opponents making them waste precious time and move their balls. Each shot will be different depending on the character selected and will be able to hit impact – after a jump – or ram opponents.

To this is also added a special shot, which can only be activated in certain circumstances. In fact, this particular shot cannot always be used, but it will be available only after we have filled the appropriate bar to 100%. To do this, all we have to do is collect the coins during our race towards the ball. These shots will allow us to reach the hole more easily and annoy your opponents. What we would like to offer you in this guide to tricks and tips for Mario Golf Super Rush is of pay close attention to character selection according to your style of play.

Mario Golf Super Rush: tips and tricks to become the best

Learn to shoot – Mario Golf Super Rush, tips and tricks

Among the tricks and the most obvious and banal tips that we can provide you in this guide on Mario Golf Super Rush, there is certainly that of perform perfect shots to approach and approach the green and then the hole. However, now we will also explain how to do it in any case. Although it is an arcade title, making good shots will not be a walk in the park. First we have to take into account the numerous clubs that make up our equipment and choose the most suitable one.

In fact, by making the wrong club, not only will we make less powerful shots, but the height and speed of the ball will also change. This might seem like a minor detail, but with the wind, an active factor in every field, albeit with different intensities, the speech changes. This atmospheric agent indeed it will tend to change the trajectory of our ball, changing its direction and speed. Checking the wind parameters will be very easy. It will be enough for you look at the upper left corner and adjust your shot accordingly.

To better adjust the trajectory and select the club that best suits you, you can use the very useful one view from above by pressing the X button. Once this is done you can press the A button to hit the ball (if you are using controller mode). The bar on the right is the indicator of the strength you will apply in the shot; the fuller it is, the farther you will send your ball. As you charge the shot, once you reach the power you need, pressing A twice will apply a topspin to do travel the ball even further once it hits the ground.

Conversely, pressing B will apply a backspin which will stop the ball first once it hits the ground. Once the charge is complete it is time to direct the ball. The bar will change color and, depending on your spin level, it will be divided into several zones. You can apply a different effect in each of these to get your ball to places otherwise unreachable. For example, holding the left stick down, you will make the ball bounce off the water surfaces.

Mario Golf Super Rush: tips and tricks to become the best

Pay attention to the terrain – Mario Golf Super Rush, tips and tricks

In short, shoot with precision to go directly into the hole it’s not as simple as you might think. Add to this also the rolling of the ball and the more or less important inclination of the surface itself on which it will land. As if that weren’t enough, the various obstacles that we will encounter along the way.

That’s why a separate discussion, in this guide on tricks and tips for playing Mario Golf Super Rush, must be done for tell you about the adversities present in the various fields that can put you in serious trouble. Let’s consider for a moment the most banal case that can exist: a shot on the fairway about 100 m from the hole positioned exactly in front of us without obstacles.

We consider the wind and the distance from the hole by selecting the appropriate club. If we find a flag on the throw bar, we should stop the loading slightly earlier, so as to allow the ball to approach the hole by rolling and not hopping. Once this is done, the ball does not necessarily enter anyway. Although it’s all exactly calculated, the slope of the green could affect the trajectory. This is why the R key is very important.

Thanks to this button we will activate the rangefinder, that will allow us to accurately measure both distance and height of the hole that the various slopes that affect the green. There is no exactly smooth golf course in the world, which is why it is always useful and It is important to calculate any irregularities before shooting. If, on the other hand, the shot is not as simple as in this case, then it will be better for us to use the X button again to open the view from above.

With this feature we will be able to see any obstacles along the path of the ball and also those hidden from our view, such as the various sand bunkers and more. All these steps will have to be repeated at each shot if we want to get into the hole using the fewest possible strokes.

Speed ​​Golf and Golf Battle – Mario Golf Super Rush, tips and tricks

The modality in which you will try your hand is also important. Although in the classic it is only about hitting the ball, in Speed Golf e Golf battle you will also have to run. Time in these modes is very important, though it is not the main factor. Performing clean shots taking a few seconds longer can be more useful than making several but with a mediocre result.

In the first part of this guide on tricks and tips to play Mario Golf Super Rush at its best, we talked about special skills, more precisely the special shot and of special shot. In these ways you can use both of these skills to put your opponents in difficulty and to reach your ball faster. Along the way you will encounter coins that will allow you to load the special shot and hearts that will provide you with resistance to use for the shots.

The Speed Golf it’s a time-based mode. Finishing the hole before your opponents is certainly important, but that’s not all. Each shot will provide a 30 second penalty. So the advice we feel like giving you is to approach the ball as soon as possible once hit and di always make accurate and well-calibrated shots. Taking 2-3 seconds longer on one shot will save you a few shots, making you recover precious time.

In the mode Golf battle instead speed will be the key factor. This will take place inside an arena and plans to win 3 holes before your opponents to win. Here the accuracy will be relative, but still important. It doesn’t matter how many shots you take, the important thing is to get the ball into the hole. Obviously with greater accuracy you will take fewer shots. This implies that you will take less time and therefore you will have a greater chance of conquering the hole. However, pay attention to opponents’ special shots and various unforeseen events in the arena.

Motion controls for more fun!

If you want to experience a more dynamic approach, the movement controls are definitely the one for you. This for sure can make games more dynamic and interesting because it will not be based so much on knowing how to manage the mechanics learned during the Golf Adventure, as on perform precise swings, managing to calibrate the force to be imparted to the ball. This mode also allows multiple players to play together, up to a maximum of four people.

Before each game you …