Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: guide to tracks and tracks (part 23, Acorn Trophy)

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From Rome to the gorilla mountains, from the beach to the seabed: the guide to the tracks and tracks of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe arrives at the Ghianda Trophy

Our big one guide at now 96 piste comes to a close with i penultimate four tracks of the Additional Route Passes: the path undertaken last summer while the undersigned was writing to you from Germany is preparing to put an end to the traveling championship of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe with the Acorn Trophy. In this episode we play “at home” with Romantic Rome Tourand then continue with the descent of GCN Mountains by DK. The second half of the cup will see you competing at sunset on Wii Daisy’s Circuitand then close in style on the backdrops of Cala Piranha Plant. Are you ready to make your best turbo start for the penultimate time?

Romantic Rome Tour | Guide to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tracks and tracks (part 23, Acorn Trophy)

Ahò, the first stage of the Ghianda Trophy of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a race that takes us straight to the Colosseum, because the tracks on this lap start with the only one of the Italian circuits. Let’s joke as much as we want, but… Romantic Rome Tour he also found a way to put and holes. Gajardo!

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: guide to tracks and tracks (part 23, Acorn Trophy)

  • Layout: The first straight immediately brings us closer to the Colosseum, and then we enter after a left bend, a short straight and a right turn. The interior of the Flavian Amphitheater presents a continuous parabolic movement towards the left, like a corkscrew. The turbo ramp is a prelude to a long fall, followed by a short straight and a right hairpin. Turn left at Piazza del Campidoglio, then be prepared to curve left again at the end of the descent. After the hairpin bend to the right, a long straight awaits you: avoid the attacks of the Rocky Taltatpas that emerge from the… er… potholes. The finish line awaits you on the right. To the second round turn right again and jump down the staircase and prepare for a turbulent zigzag. In fact, in order, we have two bends on the right, one on the left, a hairpin bend on the right and finally a bend on the left. The straight road up the steps includes a fork in the middle, after which you will turn left (quite a bit) and right. The two downhill jumps anticipate a left hairpin bend and a right bend. The third round it will make you turn left and, after a short straight, the gliding ramp on the right curve heralds a flight over the Trevi Fountain. After the straight, two right turns in a row await you, before returning to the Colosseum with the elevated straight chewed up by the Categnacci on the sides. Turn right, left and, with a hairpin bend, right again. Go down the straight and you will face a left bend, a right bend and another left bend. The glide that follows heralds the final bend to the right.
  • Assessment: We had fairly high expectations of the first specifically Italian setting (Isola Delfina permitting) in the Mario brand and we must say that the scale version of Rome did not disappoint us. Jokes about the capital’s urban planning aside, the Eternal City has been reproduced in a faithful and dignified way. The only “fault” of Romantic Rome, to be meticulous, is the fact that it is NOT Wario’s Colosseum, which is a bittersweet point recurring in these last two Trophies of the DLC. A highly deserved academic “Anvedi”. 8,5/10.

GCN Mountains by DK | Guide to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tracks and tracks

Hands down one of the most brilliant concepts of Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, together with the aforementioned Wario Colosseum. The idea behind GCN Mountains by DK implements the barrel cannons from Donkey Kong Country to fly us to the top of the same volcano from which, hairpin bend after hairpin bend, we will have to make our way downhill towards the finish line again.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: guide to tracks and tracks (part 23, Acorn Trophy)

  • Layout: It starts by going up the short straight, followed by a short bend to the left, another to the right and the long parabolic curve to the left. The cannon will take you on an upward flight up to the volcano, from which you will then descend immediately after the hairpin bend on the right. The straight is wide, giving you freedom to take subsequent turns as you like. After the three ramps, turn right and prepare to dodge boulders for a couple of turns. The one on the left has a ramp for tricks on the outside, and vice versa the next one on the right. The hairpin bend to the left will already give veterans among you a foretaste of the historic shortcut, but we have to disappoint you: it has been removed (image above). So get ready for the long hairpin bend to the right. The sharp bend to the left, however, is a prelude to the undulating straight on the suspension bridge before the finish line.
  • Assessment: Although eclipsed by other ingenious ideas seen in more recent episodes of the series, this track remains a timeless classic. It’s surprising to see it so late in the Additional Routes Pass, but better late than never. 9/10.

Wii Daisy’s Circuit | Guide to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tracks and tracks

If after Rome you dreamed of taking a shell in the alleys of Montesanto in Naples, you will have to settle for the Riviera of Wii Daisy’s Circuit. This is a fairly unpretentious track.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: guide to tracks and tracks (part 23, Acorn Trophy)

  • Layout: The long initial straight is slightly broken by a slight curve to the left. You turn more decisively to the right with two bends in rapid succession. The second, if you have powerups, you can cut it: the Piranha Plant hardback leaves little room for the imagination. On the straight ahead, two fountains await you in the center of the same number of roundabouts. They are very wide; make sure you don’t get lost. You will recognize the exit from the underpass in the center. The hairpin bend to the right precedes a rapid zigzag: left, right and left again. After the ramp, a very large hairpin bend to the right awaits you; It’s up to you to choose whether to stay inside with a drift or take advantage of the turbo ramps outside. After a left bend, a short straight and another left turn you will find the finish line waiting for you.
  • Assessment: As suggestive as the sunset is, we have already enjoyed the San Francisco-like effect with Toad’s Riviera. The redundancy dampens a bit what remains a pleasant return. 7,5/10.

Cala Piranha Plant

Two non-realistic tracks could return from Tour, both with an “odontobotanical” theme. And to the detriment of the greater historical importance of the Piranha Pipeline (i.e. the initially unused one dokan_course from Mario Kart DS), “unfortunately” appears Cala Piranha Plant (if we seem fussy, we refer you to the review of Quake II). Similar to Hell Island (Crash Nitro Kart, Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled), we have a tropical nighttime setting. With all the layout alternativi that derive from it, given the origin from Tour.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: guide to tracks and tracks (part 23, Acorn Trophy)

  • Layout: It starts underwater with a straight stretch, with a practically irrelevant crossroads in the middle. Use the underwater geysers for some tricks at the beginning of the ascending staircase, at the end of which you will fall forward. Once submerged again, a bend to the right awaits you. Going up you will find another crossroads, but even in that case the two roads will remain separated for a short time. The next curves, one to the right and the other to the left: watch out for the Piranha Plants on the outside side. After the ramp, you will glide onto land but this won’t last; in fact, a vertical fall awaits you which will take you back into the water. After a double right bend, a small left turn will lead you to a short climb, followed by another left bend before the finish line. Second round! The climb after the initial crossroads is identical, but the curve to the left after the climb changes the game a lot. The following straight includes a jump again followed by a fall into the water. Turn left and go up the steps. Turn left again to fall back into the water. The hairpin on the right leads to a straight line on which you can take advantage of the turbo platforms and dodge the Thwomps (or, better yet, TO dodge the Thwomps. Two left turns and you will be at the penultimate finish line. Last lap. Turn left and do it again after the straight. Turn right at this point, slightly, before veering again in the opposite direction. The next right turn can be cut off, if you have a powerup with you of course. Turn left and go down to the next turn in the same direction. After climbing, the next turn precedes a ramp and a straight road. Be careful when you take the curve to the left: you will have the impression of going up, but in reality you will go down! Turn right avoiding the Mordorena on the left, and after a hairpin bend to the left and a couple of curves to the right you will find the finish line waiting for you.
  • Assessment: Fussiness about the preservation of the “Dokan Course” aside, we can predict that this is the last hurray for underwater level design. In fact, in two days only 3DS Rosalinda Glacier will remain as a track with underwater elements, but this is the last one entirely dedicated to the concept. And honestly speaking… it’s a final with a bang, even though underwater driving is less revolutionary among the concepts introduced by Mario Kart 7 than gliding. However, an excellent track for its merits. 8/10.

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