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Mario Strikers Battle League Football: tips / tricks to get started

You already know how steep the learning curve of Mario Strikers Battle League Football is: here are some tips and tricks to tame it

After the first chapter on GameCube in 2005 and the second on Wii in 2007, the series returns to bring a breath of fresh air to the world of football games with Mario Strikers Battle League Football: if you have read our review, however, you will remember how precious gods can be tricks and gods advice for beginners. Fifteen years after the last opening, now the Olympic stadium of Nintendo and Next Level Games is ready to welcome new children. The tutorial gives you a smattering of the basics, but everything that follows depends on how ready you are to experiment. Don’t worry: we did it for you.


Anyone who has seen the sublime Dragon Ball Z Abridged re-dubbing will have let out a chuckle, but the first of the tips is to know how avoid conflicts in Mario Strikers Battle League Football, so as not to be blown by the most seasoned opponents on tricks. Again: the tutorial explains how to get started, but it will be up to us to take flight. In particular, a dodge at the right time can result in a speed boost. Now, the tutorial is also verbose in talking about the R button, but did you know that you can also use the right analog lever? By doing so, you will enjoy directional dodging. Like Smash for… well, smash attacks!

Hills have eyes, Hill doesn’t – tips and tricks for Mario Strikers Battle League Football

Okay, we admit it: we’ve used this line before in our Mario Strikers Battle League Football preview, but talking about tips and tricks for the game also comes in handy. You see, the “contrasts“(Ie fouls) bring with them risks. If the opponent dodges, you will end up with the jockstrap on the ground while he or she enjoys a nice turbo. If you attack a player without the ball, he will receive a tool. For this reason, we recommend that you rather intercept the ball while you are marking a player who is about to receive it. Just press A or B next to the player the pass is aimed at. And if you fail… no penalty!

Pass, Pass – Mario Strikers Battle League Football tips and tricks

ABC of football: there is no “me” in the team (in English it sounds better, since there is no letter “i” in the word “team”). So, if you really need to say it, betting everything on Toad for his speed is a great way to give your opponents an eight-nil. Of course, there is some spectacularity in being able to score goals as a solo player, but with the spectacular you do not win anything. THE steps, for their part, they do not serve to give a show but they certainly help to win. Sooner or later you will learn to frame the open spaces most congenial to the passage. One last minute to a teammate may be enough to smash the camera in the opponent’s network!

“Battleship Kotiomkin…” – tips and tricks for Mario Strikers Battle League Football

Don’t end the quote, but yes, it is. Cover yourself from head to toe with armature purchasable in the shop can improve some statistics, but always at the expense of others. In the end, you risk always finding yourself with minimal improvements accompanied by annoying malus. And no, there is no equipment without flaws. As we said earlier with the Toad example, a player who specializes in one aspect can be just an extra thorn in his side. So you know what to do: if you have doubts about the armor you have set aside, try to play without. The resulting goals will move not only Tiziano Crudeli, but also his entire study.

Fish the right gear – tips and tricks for Mario Strikers Battle League Football

We know what you are thinking: “Why, Alessandro, are you giving us mixed messages!” Eh … yes and no. As a demonstration of how much bonus and malus go hand in hand, we are ready to contradict ourselves. There are occasions when specializing can help, and few show how Peach. It already starts well with the Tech stat, but can improve it further. Technique influences two things on everyone: contrasts and hyperthires. Scoring with the latter is worth two goals instead of one, and Peach’s Hyperthroat is known for her innate ability to dull the keeper even when he saves it. Then add that Peach is faster than him… jackpot!

Tuffon – tips and tricks for Mario Strikers Battle League Football

The in-game guide tells us this about Boom Boom: “You can’t control it, but it knows what to do.” Now, Boom Boom is even capable of shaking Bowser off with a hand, so he doesn’t rain on it. Hyperthyroidism, however, is a different kettle of fish. If you’re having one, you can demolish the A key (or your finger, whichever comes first) with a little old and (badly) sane button mashing. The shockwave will also be such as to throw away the slyers who try to sneak in with a shot at the last second. Clearly, if the opponent manages to fill both bars of the indicator blue, put your heart in peace. The controller will thank you.

“Don’t whiz on the electric fence” – trucchi e consigli per Mario Strikers Battle League Football

You don’t need to have seen Ren & Stimpy to understand that the electrified barriers they mean trouble in every language. Going on him, as the opening video makes clear, means frying Waluigi’s brain more than it already is of him. The good news is that, as the tutorial explains, if you have the ball your character will not go on it. The bad thing is that nothing prevents opponents from making a tackle (or using a green shell) for the express purpose of sending it to us. Losing the ball like this means having to change players quickly, but with a dodge at the right moment you will not only gain a speed boost, but it will be the opponent who will be thunderstruck!

Help yourself, that visual aid helps you – tips and tricks for Mario Strikers Battle League Football

We also said it during the review phase: thevisual aid it’s a godsend, and the sooner you activate it, the sooner you will avoid pulling down half a calendar. We can understand that your sense of immersion, after this tour in the options menu, may be affected. However, in moments of greatest chaos, clarity is welcome if the only price she has to pay are symbols on the players. Whether you play this gem with or without the aid of your sixty-inch screen, the action can truly get indecipherable at times. And if you are looking around for an open mate, having time to waste may not be part of your luxuries.

Color coding for your convenience – Mario Strikers Battle League Football tips and tricks

The tutorial says it loud and clear: even before running in the direction of the blocks containing the various weapons to be used in the field, make sure it is the correct color. The teams on the field can wear two color ranges: the one on the left has red, green and light colors, while for the one on the right there will be gray, black, blue, purple and similarly dark colors. Depending on the case, on the field you will find rainbow blocks, blocks of your color and blocks of the opponent’s color. Since nothing happens when you touch the supplies destined for the opponents, always give priority to rainbow blocks. Without exception.

Long live the midfielders!

Of course it’s even more difficult given the tantalizing remoteness from electrified barriers, but the last of our tricks / tips for excelling in Mario Strikers Battle League Football is to always shoot from midfield and never from the edges. Those who are already following football will be nodding, but in short, it’s a matter of angles. The closer you get to the edges, the less effort Boom Boom has to do to parry shots. Hyperthyroidism always tends to be the best alternative, but by not turning it all around there will be occasions when you need to tweak your score the old fashioned way. Get Boom Boom to do some blessed gymnastics, then: it’s a CPU, so sweat every save!

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: did our guide help you? Let us know below, and as always don’t forget to stay on for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Instant Gaming.

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