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Mario, the voice changes: he will no longer be Charles Martinet

Nintendo recently announced that Charles Martinet, the famous voice actor who gave voice to Mario in Nintendo games since Super Mario 64will leave the role: the voice of the most famous video game plumber changes.

However, this news doesn’t mark the end of his involvement with the franchise, as Martinet will take on the title of “Mario Ambassador” in a new phase of his career. But it remains to be seen who will take over as the iconic voice of Mario.

Mario, the voice changes: he will no longer be Charles Martinet

The news of Martinet’s departure as Mario’s voice was shared through the Nintendo of America Twitter accountalong with an official statement explaining that Martinet would abandon character voice recording for the games. To honor his lasting contribution, Nintendo has promised a “special video message” made in collaboration with the creator of Mario, Shigeru Miyamotowhich will be published at a future date.

Charles Martinet has been lending the voice of the iconic Italian plumber for over a year quarter century. In addition to playing Mario, Martinet also created a Luigi and to other characters such as Wario e Wave, which have become just as beloved. His vocal presence has enriched the experience of players in numerous titles, contributing to create the unique atmosphere that distinguishes Mario games.

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Martinet’s farewell raises questions about the future of the series and the characters associated with it. With character voices that are an integral part of the gameplay experience, fans are wondering who will take his place and how this change will affect the next generation of Mario games.

Martinet’s departure could also mark a new chapter in his career, whereas he is set to turn 68 the following month. Martinet will remain a fundamental piece in the history of this timeless character. But with new titles on the way (perhaps for the next Switch?), the role will soon have a new voice. We will keep you posted.

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