Mark Levinson: Limited Edition Amp Set is available in Italy

Mark Levinson: il set di amplificatori in edizione limitata è disponibile in Italia thumbnail

Premiered at CES 2022, the pairing of limited edition ML-50 mono amplifiers by Mark Levinson arrives on the Italian market and is officially available for purchase. Created to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the US company, it represents the absolute state of the art in reproduction, condensing all the best of Mark Levinson’s history.

Mark Levinson, for quality music

Born in 1972 by the homonymous genius Mark Levinson, the company embodies the reproduction of quality music more than any other brand, knowing how to establish itself immediately thanks to high-level products and very distant from the panorama of that period, dominated by Japanese electronics, technically impeccable, but which did not play.

Mark Levinson with his ML-2 amplifier – with large dimensions, aesthetically anonymous, with an unreachable price and with “only” 25W – it literally bewitched any listener with its incredible musicality, changing the rules of the market and giving birth to a new way of conceiving Hi-Fi. Over the course of these 50 years, Mark Levinson has never betrayed that philosophy, always offering products without any sonic compromise.

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This new pair of monophonic amplifiers of absolute quality derives from the current N°536, but is characterized by internal components selected in an even more stringent way. The aesthetics are breathtaking, for a true sonic jewel, with transparent glass lid it’s a warm red lighting showing the internal construction. ML-50 are the ultimate synthesis of modern amplification without compromise, offering the timeless classic Mark Levinson sound but reinterpreted in a modern way.

ML-50 adopt philosophy Pure Pathwith an optimization brought to the maximum terms of all the boards, circuits and components, toroidal power transformer shielded and encapsulated to minimize electrical and mechanical noise, with a current supplied of over 25A per branch, which bring the energy available for the final transistors at a total of 50A, a value without comparison on the market.

Mark Levinson, availability and prices

The end result is a pair of amplifiers which, both sonically and aesthetically, represent the very best from every point of view. ML-50 is available for purchase with pricing upon request. All Mark Levinson products are distributed in Italy by Audiogamma Spa.

Audiogamma, what is it

Born in Milan, in 1958, as GAMMAVOX, the entrepreneurial adventure began in 1980 with the audacious choice to import and distribute Hi-Fi Audio solutions of great technical and manufacturing value throughout the country. A product chosen by AUDIOGAMMA meant – yesterday as today – owning an object of selected and sought-after quality.

This philosophy which has always animated the distributor and which marks the distinctive trait with respect to the competition, has created the foundations for solid growth over time, giving the opportunity to position itself as one of the most important Italian poles for the import, distribution and marketing of home entertainment electronicsplacing itself as a privileged referent of primary foreign brands.