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Marvel Snap: tips and tricks to get you started

In this guide you will find many useful tricks and tips to start playing Marvel Snap, the new card game from Marvel

Marvel Snap is a new one card game in which you will have the opportunity to create decks composed of some of the most famous personages of the Marvel multiverse. This title has obviously attracted the attention of many lovers of the genre, but also of many fans of super heroes who they have never approached video games of this type. To help these budding gamers we have therefore decided to write this guide, where you can find many useful tips and tricks to approach Marvel Snap.

Discover the synergies – Marvel Snap: tips and tricks

To start our list of tips and tricks we want to talk about what is obviously the most important aspect of Marvel Snap: the map. Even if your decks consist of solo 12 carte, in the game there are many more of them and accordingly it is essential to learn to know them all. In fact, each card has its own effect that could synergize well with that of others. For example Miles Morales it will cost less after you play a card that moves like Nightcrawler. The synergies present in the title are countless and to discover them all you will need to play a lot and collect many cards.

Pay attention to places – Marvel Snap tips and tricks

One of Marvel Snap’s most important and original mechanics is that of places. In fact, during a match you will have to face your opponents within very diverse location and win at least two of them to get the upper hand. However, these places are not only aesthetic, but they will also directly affect your game. For example, if you are playing in the laboratory, range all the cards on the field they will transform into the Hulk after three turns. These modifiers can really impact the outcome of a game and consequently it is important not to underestimate them.

You don’t always need to win – Marvel Snap tips and tricks

As we have already told you in the previous paragraph, in each Marvel Snap match you will have to face your challenger in three different places. But it will be enough to win the game beat an opponent in only two locations. For this reason, if you have the opportunity, it will often be cheaper let your challenger win rather than wasting resources trying to beat him while he’s ahead. In addition, if you wish, you can also try to deceive your opponent in order to make him waste cards to win in a location that doesn’t interest you.

Marvel Snap: tips and tricks to get you started

Create a balanced deck – Marvel Snap tips and tricks

To play Marvel Snap cards you will need to pay a certain amount energy cost starting from a minimum of one up to a maximum of six. Generally the most expensive cards are also the most powerful ones, but sadly you cannot rely on them alone. If you put too many expensive cards in your deck in fact you risk having nothing to play in the early rounds, thus giving your opponent a considerable advantage. For this reason, when creating a deck it is essential to try to find the right balance between expensive and cheap cardsso that you always have something to play in the early game while you wait to build up energy.

Use all your energy – Marvel Snap tips and tricks

At the start of a game of Marvel Snap you will only have one point energyma as the rounds go by you will earn one each time additional up to a maximum of six. In this game unspent energy cannot be conserved and consequently the right move to make is to spend as much as possible each turn. Furthermore, in many cases the best choice is almost always that of play a single card that consumes all energy rather than many cheaper cards.

Get Inside Your Opponent’s Mind – Marvel Snap Tips and Tricks

During your first games on Marvel Snap you will have to limit yourself to playing the cards you find in your hand but, as you gain experience, you will have to try to adjust your style of play to that of the opponent. In fact, to get the better of the most skilled players it will not be enough for you to use your cards correctly but you will also have to be able to anticipate the intentions of your challenger. This way you will always know which is the best card to use for completely nullify the opponent’s efforts and win the game.

Marvel Snap: tips and tricks to get you started

Intimidate Challengers – Marvel Snap tips and tricks

I cubes they are sort of a fundamental currency for rise in rank and that you can both win and lose depending on the outcome of your games. Basically wins and losses will make you gain or lose a fixed value of cubes, but if you want you can also try to get more betting. In this way both you and your opponent will bet a greater amount of cubes, increasing the risks but also the rewards. This mechanic is very useful for quickly ranking up, but it is also perfect for intimidate the challengers. By betting a very large number of cubes you will in fact be able to scare the most insecure playersthus forcing them to surrender immediately in order not to drop too much in rank in case of defeat.

Improved Cards – Marvel Snap tips and tricks

In Marvel Snap it is not possible to buy new cards directly, but with the in-game currency you can acquire gods aesthetic improvements for what you already have. These upgrades won’t give you any advantages during matches, but by making a lot of them you will have the possibility to randomly get new cards for your collection. For this reason, even if you are not interested in cosmetic changes, we advise you to improve your cards when you get the chance.

Create many decks – Marvel Snap tips and tricks

Initially you will not have many cards available and you will have to limit yourself to creating only one deck, but fortunately the situation will change quickly. Playing indeed you will really accumulate a lot of cards with which you can create many different decks. Using more than one deck is always a wise move, as it allows you to better understand how some specific synergies work. For this reason, even if you may find yourself very comfortable with a specific deck, however, we advise you to create others and alternate them often.

Marvel Snap: tips and tricks to get you started

Ready for the challenge

This concludes our list of tips and tricks to start playing Marvel Snap. Now all you have to do is create your own deck and defeat other players with the help of our tips. Our guide ends here but, if you are interested in learning more about the gamewe invite you to keep an eye on our site in view of future dedicated articles.

Marvel Snap is available now for PC, Android and iOS devices. If you are interested in staying updated on all the news on the world of video games and much more, then continue to follow us here on Furthermore, in case you want to buy some games at an advantageous price, we suggest you take a look at the many offers on Instant Gaming.