Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: the point of the story, here’s a summary!

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While waiting for the arrival of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, we want to retrace with you, in this summary, the highlights of the story of the first chapter and of the spin-off on Miles Morales: make yourselves comfortable, it will be a long journey

Among the most anticipated titles of October we certainly find Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 by Insomniac Games, the new exclusive from Sony which will arrive tomorrow, October 20th, exclusively for PlayStation 5. We talked about it extensively in our complete review, which you can find by clicking here, and we were really enthusiastic about it, despite some things to be put back together in a very probable third chapter of the franchise. On the occasion of the release, however, we have decided to retrace with you the events of the two previous chapters: Marvel’s Spider-Man (2018) and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales (2020). Sit back, it’s going to be a great trip.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: from Fisk… | Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: the point of the story, here’s a summary!

The first Marvel’s Spider-Man begins with a very young Peter Parker, Spider-Man’s alter-ego, who collaborates with police officer Yuri Watanabe to arrest the supervillain Wilson Fisk. The boy lives with his beloved Aunt May and collaborates with Doctor Octo Octavius and, girls (and boys, why not!) he is currently single, given that he broke up with Mary Jane Watson due to… differences of opinion. We were saying, the young Spider-Man has collected enough evidence to have Fisk arrested, who is therefore officially incarcerated in the Raft, the maximum security prison, where he will meet other great friends of Spider-Man, the supervillains Electro, Rapture, Scorpion and Rhino.

Meanwhile, Peter begins to investigate a robbery in an auction house containing works of art linked to Fisk and, on this occasion, he meets Mary Jane again, a very young journalist who has infiltrated to report Fisk’s actions. Precisely during this robbery, some men wearing strange masks attack the building to recover material related to the “Devil’s Breath”. We’ll find out what it is later.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: the point of the story, here's a summary!

… to demons… | Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: the point of the story, here’s a summary!

Who are these mysterious men and what do they want? Peter and Mary Jane, despite their cold relationships, begin to investigate the auction house robbery together and, in the meantime, come to a name: “the Demons”. They receive some information from Martin Li, the director of FEAST, who also warns Peter not to interfere with their plans. Meanwhile, the Demons’ robberies of Fisk’s property continue, and Spider-Man joins forces with police officer Jefferson Davis to take them on. Davis is a man greatly admired by the citizens of New York for his strong sense of duty and is invited to Osborn’s re-election event along with his wife Rio, son Miles, Peter and Mary Jane.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: the point of the story, here's a summary!

… Martin there? | Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: the point of the story, here’s a summary!

During the event, Osborn receives an anonymous threat call and flees, while shortly afterwards the Demons attack, causing chaos and killing some people, including Davis himself. On this occasion, Peter discovers that the leader of the demons is Martin Li, the beloved director of FEAST, who has an evil alter ego called Mister Negative. In the following weeks, Miles begins attending FEAST to overcome his father’s loss and forms a beautiful friendship with Peter, while Osborn hires Silver Sable, head of Salbe International, to deal with the Demons and act as his bodyguard.

In the process we discover more about Martin Li, in particular his eternal resentment towards Osborn for the death of his parents and his true purpose. The “Devil’s Breath” is in fact a rather dangerous biological weapon, developed by Oscorp itself which wants to use it to find a cure for different types of diseases. Inevitably, Li manages to steal it and teams up with Doctor Octopus, formerly Octavius, with whom he forms a group of supervillains called The Sinister Six along with Rapture, Electro, Scorpio and Rhino. What a group!

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: the point of the story, here's a summary!

The end…? | Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: the point of the story, here’s a summary!

The six easily defeat Spider-Man, if only through strength in numbers, and Octavius ​​himself releases the Devil’s Breath into Times Square infecting many people, including May. Peter manages to defeat the first four of the Sinisters (Rapture, Electro, Rhino and Scorpion), while Mari Jane discovers that Oscorp is already working on an antidote to Devil’s Breath which was, in reality, an attempt to cure Harry Osborn, son of the tycoon struck by a serious illness.

In the finale of the first Marvel’s Spider-Man, Peter defeats Octavius ​​at the top of the Oscorp tower, who also reveals that he has learned of his true identity. Peter therefore runs to FEAST with a dose of the antidote, but discovers that it is not enough to cure everyone and is therefore forced to make a choice: save May and condemn everyone else to death, or give the antidote to scientists to produce enough. for all the sick. Peter obviously chooses the latter option and his beloved aunt dies. In the final scenes, Peter is back with Mary Jane, Sable leaves New York, and Osborn abandons the campaign to care for his son with a… symbiote? Oh, and Miles now has powers too.

Miles Morales

We then move on to Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, which is set a year after the ending of the first chapter. Miles has moved to Harlem with his mother and is still processing his father’s death. Over the last year he has been joined by Peter on some missions and is already known to the population of New York, although it is often considered just an assistant to the spider. Miles also discovers that he possesses particular powers, which he dubs “Venom”, which allows him to generate bioelectricity. With this ability, he manages to defeat a crazed Rhino that had devastated New York and injured Peter.

Considering the abilities of his “colleague”, Peter decides to take a vacation with Mary Jane and leaves the city in the hands of the young man. Obviously things won’t go smoothly at all, and Miles will find himself having to face various adversities, first of all a criminal organization called the Underground. During a Christmas event Miles becomes friends with Phin Mason, a young woman who grew up with him, but with whom he had lost contact. Another friend of Miles, Ganke, builds a new costume and creates an app, the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (ASMQ), through which Miles receives requests from the citizens of New York, including his uncle Aaron Davis… aka Prowler, a criminal.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: the point of the story, here's a summary!

Tinkerer, Prowler and a long series of double agents | Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: the point of the story, here’s a summary!

Members of the Underground attack Harlem during a rally of Rio, Miles’ mother, with the aim of stealing Nuform, a powerful energy material. On this occasion, Miles clashes with Tinkerer, the leader of the Underground, creating devastation in the city. Following these events, which have also greatly shaken the psyche of Miles, who inevitably feels inadequate for the role of responsibility that Peter has left him, the young man teams up with Prowler to discover something more about the objectives of the Underground. After infiltrating the organization, the boy is forced to reveal his true identity to Phin, who is actually Tinkerer herself.

Another double agent character also turns out to be Aaron, who he actually spied on Phin through Miles on orders from Simon Krieger, the man in charge of the company that created Nuform and made it dangerous, with the aim of exploding it if Phin and the Underground’s plan succeeded. Uncle and nephew team up and defeat a Nuform-enhanced Rhino, but as Miles tries to stop Phin from continuing, he is injured. It turns out that the young woman seeks revenge on her brother Rick, who had tried to sabotage the Nuform project and was inevitably killed by Krieger.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: the point of the story, here's a summary!

A necessary sacrifice | Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: the point of the story, here’s a summary!

In the finale, Phin gives up and asks Miles to explode the Nuform as high as possible so as not to cause damage to Harlem. An act that, however, costs her life, while Miles, although seriously injured, he survives and is recognized by the local population as the “Spider-Man of Harlem”. In the final scenes, Krieger and his actions officially come to light, Peter and Miles continue to work together for the good of New York, and finally, we once again see Harry Osborn in a medically induced coma kept alive by his father’s technologies.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: the point of the story, here's a summary!

Here we are!

Wow, what a trip! This was a quickest possible summary of all the events of Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, waiting for the second chapter which will finally arrive available for everyone, on PlayStation 5, tomorrow. Let us know if you will purchase it below in the comments and stay tuned with us at for all the news, guides and reviews on gaming and tech themes! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we recommend you take a look at the InstantGaming catalogue!