Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Who is Venom?

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is upon us, with just under a week until its debut, in the short wait we analyze a character who will be central in Insomniac’s sequel: Venom

Venom’s first appearance dates back to issue #298 Amazing Fantasy nel 198826 years after the first appearance of Spider-Man (1962), a much younger character than Spider-Man, but he has managed, in recent years, to become one of the favorite characters not only of Spider-Man fans, but of the entire Marvel publishing history. The history of Venom is connected to many other Marvel characters, these in fact were host bodies of the symbiote. The alien (or to be picky, klyntar), in fact, is to be considered a single character, who however becomes one with the guest with whom he decides to come into contact, improving their physical abilities but corrupting their minds. There are many theories about who could be the guest in the long-awaited video game, which will be central to the story, there are those who think it is Harry Osbornbut there are many hypotheses, as are many Venom guests.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Who is Venom? | The birth

As we said previously, Venom is a Klyntar, or more commonly a symbiote. But how was it born? How did those similar to him arise? In the comics, years after the first appearance, it is revealed that there is a God of Symbiotesa deity to which all symbiotes are connected, Fuckthe first to wield the Necrospada, seen in Thor: Love and Thunder, and enemy of the Asgardians. Venom is abandoned by his brothers and recovered by a Kree ship, which decides to study the symbiote, but it bonds with one of the soldiers, who trains it to fight, and is then imprisoned on Battleworldwhere he meets Deadpoolto which he bonds, but only for a while, since the Chattering Mercenary didn’t want to pass on his own madness to him, which is why he switched to Spider-Man soon after.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Who is Venom? | Eddie Brock

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Who is Venom?

The most famous guest in Marvel history is the journalist created by Todd McFarlane, Eddie Brock, who shares a deep hatred towards Peter Parker with the symbiote, the latter resentful towards Spider-Man for being abandoned and Brock for being fired from the Daily Bugle because of him. The two create a very strong symbiosis, based on hatred and revenge, and that was how Venom became Parker’s sworn enemy. But over time, the objective of both changes, returning to being heroes and protecting the weak, thus taking the name of Lethal Protector, sometimes putting aside their hatred for their nemesis and working together to stop mutual enemies. Two films were also dedicated to this version, the first with the character’s title of the same name, the second Carnage’s Fury.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Who is Venom? | Flash Thompson

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Who is Venom?

Another notable guest is Flash Tompson, Peter Parker’s bully in high school. Flash was inspired by Spider-Man to become a war hero, often throwing themselves into heroic deeds in territories dominated by terrorism and bombings. During his career, Flash Tompson suffered serious injuries, reaching the point of remain deprived of the use of their legs while trying to save innocents as an American soldier. His bond with Venom becomes so symbiotic that Flash can’t live without it, the symbiote allows him to walk and fight again. The soldier also improves his psyche, eliminating his insistent thirst for blood and violence, fueling his desire for helping people.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Who is Venom? | Lee Price

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Who is Venom?

This guest is the most recent and least famous, but equally interesting. Lee Price had a difficult childhood, suffering from bullying and abuse from his father, who he killed in a fit of rage, together with his mother. He shifts the blame onto a mutant with the power of pyrokinesis. He is hired by Mac Gargan (Scorpion) as member of the Gatta Nera gangwho was at war with the gang of Tombstone. During a firefight, where Price was unarmed, Venom saved his life making him his guest and killing everyone present. The ability to is added to this version of Venom emit toxin from its teeth. He also faced fearsome enemies such as Scorpionwho after the firefight between the Black Cat gang and the Tombstone gang, decided to eliminate him, failing in the attempt.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: chi è Venom? | Wade Wilson

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Who is Venom?

In an alternate reality, Deadpool decides not to get rid of Venom. An alternative reality where the symbiote goes crazy, taking on the same madness as the mutant, becoming a truly deranged person. This version, however, is more of an Easter egg, a small variant that has appeared a few times in major comic book events where Deadpool kills other versions of Deadpool or in the comics where it appears Deadpool Corps. Venompool also appears as a playable character in the mobile video game Marvel: Contest of Champions. It’s unknown if this version is still alive, it’s assumed that she’s actually dead, but Wade wasn’t shown killing Venompool, so we like to think she’s still around. The character with the same madness and powers as Deadpool would have enormous potential if told.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Who is Venom? | Harry Osborn

Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Who is Venom?

Let’s get to the crucial point: Harry Osborn. In the comics Harry was never a guest, but this scenario becomes reality in the animated series aired on DisneyXD entitled Marvel: Ultimate Spider-Man. In this series, Venom is Norman Osborn’s laboratory test subjectwho manages to free himself and take over Harry’s body, making him completely lose control and clashing first against Peter, then, once helped by his best friend to recover and control the symbiote, he clashed against his father Norman, when he had transformed in Ultimate Goblin, but in this clash he intended to kill him, only to change his mind thanks to Peter’s persuasion. This version is particularly interesting as Harry and Venom alternate between moments of total symbiosis and others where the latter takes control over the mind at Harry.

Suspicions are high that Venom’s host is Harry in Spider-Man 2 too, if you caught some details between the end of Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, but it’s not necessarily him. He could be Eddie? Could be Lee Price? Maybe the guest will be a completely new character, an original from Insomniac. In short, everything is possible, we just have to wait for the release. Follow us on to stay updated and read the review of the long-awaited video game which will be published soon.