Creative Zen Hybrid Pro review: excellent over-ears with ANC

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In this review we take a closer look at the new Creative Zen Hybrid Pro, over-ear headphones with interesting functions and a successful design

Headphones Creative Zen Hybrid Pro they represent an interesting mix of comfort and functionality in the field of over-ear headphones with technology Active Noise Cancelling (ANC). These headphones offer remarkable comfort which makes them suitable even for prolonged listening sessions. In the following review, we will take a closer look at the characteristics, the performance not sound nuances of the Creative Zen Hybrid Pro to provide a complete overview of their capabilities.

Creative Zen Hybrid Pro review: excellent over-ears with ANC

Packaging and unboxing | Creative Zen Hybrid Pro review

The experience of unboxing of the headphones from the Singaporean multinational is a pleasure from the first moment. The packaging is well designed and offers a quality feel. Inside, you will find the headphones, a complete manual and a cable USB-C/USB-A for charging. These details demonstrate Creative’s commitment to offering a complete solution and convenient for music lovers on the go.

Technical features

Before getting into the heart of the review, let’s mention what we think are the technical features more important. Obviously for all the other details we refer you to the company website.

  • Driver: 40mm in titanio
  • Frequency range: 20-20.000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Autonomy: up to 80 hours with ANC on and up to 100 with ANC off
  • Charging time: 2 ore
  • Versione Bluetooth: 5.3
  • Supported codecs: LC3+ (ULL), LC3, AAC, SBC
  • Weight: 282 grams

Creative Zen Hybrid Pro review: excellent over-ears with ANC

Design and first impressions | Creative Zen Hybrid Pro review

Il design of Creative Zen Hybrid Pro headphones is an elegant combination Of functionality e aesthetics. Totally black, these headphones over-ear they present an interesting appearance that adapts to any context. Their foldable feature makes them extremely portable, ideal for those who are in constant movement. The quality of the plastics used and the materials used for the earcups and the arch above the head is evident to the touch, giving a feeling of robustness and durability. In the right pavilion, we find i main commands, including the button for activating ANC (Active Noise Cancelling) e ambient fashion, the play/pause button and the buttons to go to the previous or next song. Also, the entrance USB-C for charging ensures an uninterrupted using experience. In the left pavilion, there is the power button, a wheel for managing the volume, the button for muting the microphone and the jack input for connecting headphones via cable. This intuitive design makes the use of Creative Zen Hybrid Pro simple and accessible. Overall, their modern design and first impressions indicate a high quality and functional product.

Comfort and Fit

The Creative Zen Hybrid Pro headphones offer exceptional comfort while listening long listening sessions. The materials used for the earphones and headband are designed to do not overtighten the head, thus avoiding sensations Of unease even during prolonged use. A particular strong point is the ability of these headphones to maintain constant comfort even in environments with high temperatures, reducing skin sweating to a minimum. However, it is important to note that despite their convenience, the Creative Zen Hybrid Pro they are slightly heavier compared to some other headphones on the market. Despite this, thanks to a well-balanced design and adequate distribution of weight, theirs fit subtraction satisfying, ensuring good comfort during daily use.

How does he feel? | Creative Zen Hybrid Pro review

We have finally reached the most important paragraph of this review, the moment in which we explore how the Creative Zen Hybrid Pro actually perform in terms of audio quality and functionality. Equipped with due driver in titanio da 40mm, these headphones offer an excellent sound experience. The sound is remarkably balanced and well managed thanks to the high-quality drivers. It is important to note that the headphones are certified SXFI Ready, which means they can offer optimal performance even with the dedicated SXFI App. However, even without the app, equalization Of default it’s already from good level. The tall eh medi I am managed very well, offering remarkable clarity and definition. The bass, although slightly lacking compared to other headphones, still does not affect the overall experience and is more than sufficient to appreciate the lowest and most dynamic musical genres.

During a recent business trip by plane, I had the opportunity to test theActive Noise Cancelling (ANC) of Zen Hybrid Pro, and the results were good. Even if they can’t eliminate the 100% of ambient noise, ANC is effective in suppressing constant aircraft engine noise and other disturbing sounds, providing high comfort during prolonged use. A particularly appreciated aspect is the function Ambient Mode, allowing you to stay alert during conversations without having to remove your headphones. This feature adds a touch Of versatility to the listening experience, making the Creative Zen Hybrid Pro an ideal choice for anyone looking for a equilibrium Between soundproofing e awareness of the surrounding environment.


The Creative Zen Hybrid Pro are equipped with a built-in microphone which represents an essential element for communication on the move. What sets this microphone apart is its advanced noise-cancelling technology based on Deep Neural Network (DNN). This innovative technology ensures that your conversations are clear e clear, also in noisy environments. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to enjoy telephone and video calls without being disturbed by background noise, improving the overall experience of using Creative Zen Hybrid Pro headphones and ensuring flawless communication, wherever you are.

Autonomy and charging time

Creative declares exceptional autonomy of the Zen Hybrid Pro, with up to 100 hours continuous playback without Active Noise Canceling (ANC) e even up to 80 hours with ANC active. However, it is important to note that these values ​​may vary depending on several factors such as playback volume, type of music and use of ANC. In reality, the headphones deliver performance slightly lower compared to these statements, but nevertheless they remain among the most autonomous on the marketguaranteeing hours of uninterrupted listening.

As far as charging time is concerned, the Zen Hybrid Pro proves itself equally efficient, requesting solo circa 2 ore to return fully charged. This is a significant advantage, especially when you are on the move and need a quick replenishment Of energy to continue enjoying music without interruption.

Creative Zen Hybrid Pro review: excellent over-ears with ANC

Conclusions and price | Creative Zen Hybrid Pro review

The Creative Zen Hybrid Pro present themselves as a great alternative in the world of over-ear headphones, especially considering their price of around €100. These headphones offer a number of benefits that make them an attractive choice for passionate Of musica and anyone looking for a good quality listening experience. Among the main advantages, the integration of technologies stands out Creative BT-L3 e Creative BT-L4which guarantee a reliable and stable connection with i Bluetooth devices, in addition to function ultra-low-latency which results in audio synced perfectly with the video while watching multimedia content. The aesthetics of the Zen Hybrid Pro are another strong point, with an elegant and modern design that adapts to any style. There comfort it’s a feature essential, with materials that avoid discomfort even during long listening sessions, and the microphone offers clarity in voice calls.

Among the few moles found, it is possible to mention the weight slightly high of the headphones, which may cause a slight feeling of fatigue during prolonged use. Additionally, while the audio quality is great overall, i bassi they might be a little less pronounced for lovers of a more impressive sound impact. However, these are excellent value headphones that we would certainly recommend.

What do you think of these headphones? Let us know with a comment below and continue reading to stay updated on the latest news and more.

Points in favor

  • Design and materials
  • Comfort and fit
  • Sound experience
  • Supported codecs

Points against

  • Slightly high weight
  • Not great bass
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