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Masayasu Ito leaves PlayStation, after years in the team

Masayasu Ito leaves the development team of PlayStation, after having spent many years in the company. Arrived in Sony in 1986led the construction of PlayStation 4 e PS5 . But at 60 she decided to retire from Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Masayasu Ito leaves the PlayStation team after years in SIE

From October 1st, he will no longer be part of Sony’s console development team. Although she will continue to act as a consultant for the SIE Platform Experience Group until March 2023. A well-deserved rest for a man who has had a huge impact on the lives of millions of gamers around the world.

Ito joined Sony in 1986, spending five decades working for the company. At first in the car audio department, but in 2000 he moved to the console sector, launched a few years earlier as the first PlayStation.

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In his years at SIE he led the engineers who made PlayStation 4, which with 117 million units sold is one of the most successful consoles of all time. And he also led the team in making PlayStation 5, still unobtainable for many players. And in the meantime he has also created PS4 Pro.

The launch of PS5 however turned out particularly difficult, as he himself wrote about the problems during the pandemic. But the team took home the launch, and even with the difficulties in procuring the console, so many fans love it.

Ito promoted a philosophy “with beautifully designed and well thought out architecture “, focusing on the order to bring in all the components necessary for gaming. Now he’s going to enjoy a well-deserved rest after years of thinking about gamers and their consoles.

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