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Mass Effect Legendary Edition: Here are the statistics on the decisions of the players

BioWare, the development team that dealt with Mass Effect Legendary Edition, has published an infographic that summarizes the choices made by players during the remastered classic trilogy. Given the role-playing nature full of narrative crossroads, each player’s campaign is a unique and particular experience.

The developers, based on the available data, have drawn interesting conclusions about the most popular fates of the various characters. Eg, Mordin is statistically the character least likely to survive the suicide mission, while Wrex DID NOT die during the Virmire mission in 94% of campaigns.

Tali has established himself as one of the most beloved characters in the community, being exiled by only 4% of players, and most of the Shepard has decided to punch journalists (unfortunately for the category). There are a lot of data analyzed by the company to understand the tastes and preferences of gamers.

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The importance of the Legendary Edition of Mass Effect

Mass Effect is a legendary saga, which over the years has captured millions of gamers. The saga, which is part of the category of Sci-fi RPG, has collected absolutely positive opinions from both the public and critics for the first three chapters of the classic trilogy.

Despite the uncertain result of Mass Effect Andromeda, fans are still very attached to the brand, and many have decided to dive back into Shepard’s future with the Legendary Edition. The new experience, enriched from a technical point of view, is described as follows on the website of EA (the publisher of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition)

Relive the cinematic saga in 4K with an exceptional leap in quality in terms of graphics, textures and models. There are state-of-the-art graphics functions, interface updates and more.

On the official website it is possible to discover all the improvements made to the game, rediscovering a trilogy that has made the history of video games over the last twenty years.

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