Ecco come EA e BioWare hanno deciso di festeggiare i 14 anni di Mass Effect thumbnail

Mass Effect turns 14 and EA celebrates it as well

Here's how EA and BioWare decided to celebrate 14 years of Mass Effect thumbnail

Stickers, cosplay, sales and animated GIFs: BioWare and EA celebrate the fourteenth birthday of Mass Effect.

Mass Effect: It’s been 14 years since the 2007 launch

Right in these hours BioWare e SHE are celebrating i 14 years of the acclaimed videogame series Mass Effect. In fact, a new blog post was released yesterday on the official blog, which looks back on the beloved series and features a variety of ways fans can share their passion.

Among the novelties we find new cosplay guides, a giphy page, AR lenses, gear, contests and more. There are also promotions on merchandising and Mass Effect products. The series is in fact more than just a game world, with comics and countless licensed accessories.

BioWare and EA have also make one public new infographic which shows that even though Garrus is particularly loved, an astonishing 15% of players have not recruited him to their team at all! In addition to honoring the title’s past and present, you can download a new high-resolution poster for theN7 Day 2021.

For the full post on the EA blog, please refer to this link.

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