Mass Effect turns 14 and EA celebrates it as well

Ecco come EA e BioWare hanno deciso di festeggiare i 14 anni di Mass Effect thumbnail

Stickers, cosplay, sales and animated GIFs: BioWare and EA celebrate the fourteenth birthday of Mass Effect.

Mass Effect: It’s been 14 years since the 2007 launch

Right in these hours BioWare e SHE are celebrating i 14 years of the acclaimed videogame series Mass Effect. In fact, a new blog post was released yesterday on the official blog, which looks back on the beloved series and features a variety of ways fans can share their passion.

Among the novelties we find new cosplay guides, a giphy page, AR lenses, gear, contests and more. There are also promotions on merchandising and Mass Effect products. The series is in fact more than just a game world, with comics and countless licensed accessories.

BioWare and EA have also make one public new infographic which shows that even though Garrus is particularly loved, an astonishing 15% of players have not recruited him to their team at all! In addition to honoring the title’s past and present, you can download a new high-resolution poster for theN7 Day 2021.

For the full post on the EA blog, please refer to this link.