Matchbox invites you to drive the car of your dreams for only € 1.99

Matchbox encourages children and families to “drive the car of their dreams” and turn everyday life into an exciting event

The dream of driving the latest, most luxurious model of car is often unattainable for many due to the price of the vehicle. However, with this campaign, Matchbox helps automotive fans to get as close as possible to the fulfillment of their wishes through toy cars as realistic as the real model. The best part is that the toy cars only cost a fraction of the real price of the car! Regardless of budget or age, Matchbox offers everyone a dream car for their adventures.

To give life to the campaign “Drive the car of your dreams“, Matchbox has teamed up with the automaker Mercedes-Benz: both brands aim to bring back to their fans the excitement and thrill you feel when you own the car of your dreams.

Matchbox invites you to drive the car of your dreams for only € 1.99

With the “Drive the car of your dreams” campaign, Matchbox brings toy cars back to their origins. Just like in the “full-size” automotive industry, Matchbox models are displayed in a dramatic way: innovative, eye-catching and high-class advertisements. As part of the campaign, various models of toy cars of brands of renowned car manufacturers were photographed: each image is a reproduction of a real car advertisement of the model represented. Andrea Ziella (Head of Marketing & Digital of Mattel Italia) stated:

Matchbox DNA is all about authentic and realistic cars and playsets. Through our partnership with Mercedes-Benz, our ambition is to transform gaming experiences with our toy car collection into exciting events and content for our audience, made up of those who might buy a toy car for the first time or maybe already owns a collection of 1,000 cars.

Matchbox invites you to drive the car of your dreams for only € 1.99

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