Matchbox: the first die-cast made with recycled materials arrives

Matchbox: the first die-cast made with recycled materials arrives

Mattel presents Matchbox Tesla Roadster, the first one-of-a-kind die-cast vehicle made with 99% recycled materials, a first approach to the future of the brand

Mattel announced the “Towards a better future” project, its commitment to make all the die-cast vehicles, playsets and packaging of Matchbox with the 100% recycled materials, recyclable O in bio-based plastic. Thanks to innovative electric vehicles and environments that mirror the real world, Matchbox toys are designed to engage children in a greener future.The commitment supports Mattel’s goal of achieving 100% recycled, recyclable or plastic-based materials organic within both products and packaging by 2030.

To illustrate these principles, the brand presents Matchbox Tesla Roadster, its first die-cast made with 99% recycled materials and with Carbon Neutral * certification. Made from 62.1% recycled zinc, 1% stainless steel and 36.9% recycled plastic, Matchbox Tesla Roadster will be available from 2022.

Matchbox: here is the first die-cast made with recycled materials

The Matchbox brand includes new product and packaging lines that feature:

  • More environmentally friendly and innovative materials for vehicles, playsets and packaging
  • Improved consumer recycling capability due to special product design and packaging labeling
  • A global approach to eco-themed play, with a greater offering of electric vehicles and electric vehicle chargers within the toys.

Since the inception of modern die-cast toy cars some 70 years ago, Matchbox has used design and innovation to connect children with the world around them through play. Matchbox is committed to using 100% recycled, recyclable and bio-based plastics to do its part in addressing the growing environmental challenges we face, and motivate the next generation of Matchbox fans to help and guide us. towards a sustainable future.

To say this was Roberto Stanichi, Mattel’s Global Head of Vehicles. Fans will see the brand’s commitment realized through the creation of products with plastic-free packaging, using certified content Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in paper and wood fiber materials.

The brand is also focusing on promoting proper recycling and reducing waste. Design playsets with recyclable parts and consolidable electronics into one easily removable module to help make the electronic waste recycling process easier. The use of the trademark How 2 Recycle guides consumers to the correct disposal of packaging materials. The brand is also looking for alternatives to reduce energy consumption, carbon emissions and waste in production, while pursuing the same standards of excellence of the finished product that Matchbox creates.

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