Matrix Resurections: GeForce allows you to win a custom PC

Il Giveaway di GeForce regala un PC customizzato Matrix Resurections thumbnail

Until December 22nd it will be possible to win a custom PC Matrix Resurections or a custom GPU backplate. Let’s find out how.

Partnership tra GeForce e Warner Bros. per PC e backplate dedicati Matrix Resurections

To celebrate the launch of Matrix Resurrections in cinemas (in the US from December 22), GeForce has partnered with Warner Bros. Pictures, which will allow users to win one of three modified and customized Matrix-themed PCs (with official license). Here’s how GeForce explained the initiative:

“These builds are one of a kind, built with the latest GeForce RTX GPUs and are fully water-cooled and custom built. If your name doesn’t come up for one of the three PC Matrix, fear not. You will also have the chance to win one of Matrix Resurrections’ 5 custom GPU backplates, which you can connect to a GeForce 3080Ti graphics card, or display in your gaming room as a super limited edition decorative piece. “

From December 14-22, GeForce’s social channels will publish Matrix Resurrections custom builds and backplates. There will be several options to participate, depending on the social network. In some it will be enough to comment with the hashtag #MatrixResurrections, while in others it will be necessary to comment and share. We leave you below the links to the social channels with the instructions of the brand:




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