Mattel: here are the gift ideas for Christmas 2021!

Through a press release, Mattel has decided to update us on the catalog of its various lines, so that you can get an idea for gifts for Christmas 2021

The shiniest and most expensive time of the year is approaching: Christmas is upon us. If you don’t know what to give to young and old, several toy and object manufacturers have obviously set in motion to give the biggest dreams to anyone who is passionate about nerdy fetishes. We have already talked to you about the ten best Spin Master ideas in a dedicated article, today we want to summarize what the Mattel catalog, among all its most famous lines, has in store for you (and for us) in view of Christmas 2021.


To spend the Christmas period 2021 in a cheerful and creative way, Mattel licensees offer a series of quality and fun products that have famous protagonists Barbie, the fashion doll that since 1959 teaches boys and girls that they can be anything they want, Hot Wheels, an iconic brand for fiery four-wheeler challenges, e Sam the Fireman, pioneer of the concepts of courage and friendship. Let’s start with the Grandi Giochi line, which offers a series of products dedicated to the most famous doll of all time.

Mattel: here are the gift ideas for Christmas 2021!

Great Games: Barbie Rainbow Sparke Deluxe Styling Head

Little girls who like to always change their hairstyle will find in Rainbow Sparke Deluxe Styling Head the ideal gift to experiment with new hairstyles and always trendy styles. Barbie’s colorful hair is waiting to be styled with the hair accessories included in the package. For example, you can attach sequins to Barbie’s hair, inserting them into the applicator and pressing the appropriate button. You can also transform Barbie’s makeup: for example, applying cold water to the lips will make the lipstick appear. To return to the natural effect, however, just apply hot water. The doll is available at a price of 54.90 €.

Coffee Shop – Cash Register | Mattel: here are the gift ideas for Christmas 2021!

The colorful Coffee Shop at Barbie will allow the little ones to serve sweets and drinks thanks to the beautiful set equipped with many themed accessories. Of course, there is no shortage of delicious muffins and tasty cappuccinos, for sweet moments of play in company. The price of the product is 54.90 €.

One of the evergreens among the most popular Christmas toys for girls is the Barbie Cash Register, which will allow them to join Barbie as a shop cashier. Strictly pink (of course), it really works! Contains 52 accessories including bills, coins, meal vouchers and credit cards. The price of the product is 49.90 €.

Mattel: here are the gift ideas for Christmas 2021!

Theo Klein: Barbie Beauty Center with Accessories | Mattel: here are the gift ideas for Christmas 2021!

The Theo Klein line offers a role play set that little girls who love self-care cannot fail to include in the letter to Santa Claus: the beauty salon. Complete with stool made in Barbie design it has very glamorous light and sound effects, along with shelves that can be used as a walkway for dolls. Also includes many accessories, such as comb, brush, barrettes and hair clips. In the revolving shelves it is possible to store many accessories. The price of the product is 64.99 €.

Mondo Motors: Hot Wheels and Barbie whiz side by side

Mondo Motors is a guarantee when it comes to radio controlled vehicles. With HW Monster Truck BoneShaker the bravest will have to stand strong. The monstrous remote-controlled off-road vehicle in 1:14 scale will leave even the wildest amazed, thanks to the body decorated with the iconic Hot Wheels flames and, of course, by the four wheels of incredible dimensions. The price of the product is 64.90 €.

HW Monster Truck Rhinomate instead it is the wildest novelty among Mondo Motors products. It is a radio-controlled vehicle with lights and the features of a Rhino, which awaits the most daring for breathtaking challenges. The set includes a rechargeable battery included for the vehicle and 2 AA for the remote control, priced at 64.99 €.

With Barbie Dreamcar the most reckless girls will be able to experience the thrill of whizzing at full throttle on a real dream car in full Barbie style. Dreamcar is a radio-controlled and customized convertible with the unmistakable Barbie logo, to bring little girls directly to the wheel of adventure, accompanied by the glamorous touch of the most loved fashion doll ever. The retail price is € 54.90.

Mattel: here are the gift ideas for Christmas 2021!

Lisciani: Barbie Atelier, Boutique and Summer Villa | Mattel: here are the gift ideas for Christmas 2021!

A light table as a basis to create many models and complete looks for Barbie awaits you with Barbie Fashion Atelier! Inside you will find markers, stencils, templates, folders to collect the best creations, glitter and everything you need to give free rein to your imagination. With a Barbie included in the package, the retail price is € 39.90.

For the more fashionable girls, on the other hand, the set was created Barbie Fashion Boutique, where they will be able to play stylist with Barbie and build a real dream boutique thanks to this incredible cardboard set. In addition to the Barbie included in the package, you will find many accessories to be placed inside the spaces of the boutique, including mannequins to show the collections. All with a retail price of € 34.90.

Finally, Lisciani ends its Mattel proposals for this Christmas 2021 with the Barbie Dream Summer Villa, a set with which you can build Barbie’s real holiday home in paper. The girls will be able to easily assemble the house and personalize it with accessories, discover the different environments that compose it (swimming pool, veranda, barbecue area) together, of course, with the usual Barbie included in the package. Retail price: € 49.90.

Mattel: here are the gift ideas for Christmas 2021!

ODS: Hot Wheels everywhere | Mattel: here are the gift ideas for Christmas 2021!

ODS dedicates the world of Hot Wheels fantastic “ever green” products that cannot be missing in Santa’s letters. For example, i Rugs 180 x 120 cm for the most ardent lovers of four wheels, where they will be able to whiz their cars at full throttle. Available in two variants and an original vehicle is included in each package, priced at € 24.99.

There are also two variants of the Transporter, one 40 cm long and one 60 cm long, are ready to store and transport all Hot Wheels vehicles of true fans of the brand. The smallest contains three Hot Wheels vehicles and numerous road signs, while the 60cm one contains four, of vehicles. Both are equipped with a front slide for breathtaking challenges! At the price, respectively, of € 20.90 for the small version and € 39.90 for the larger one.

Mattel: here are the gift ideas for Christmas 2021!

Simba: here’s Fireman Sam | Mattel: here are the gift ideas for Christmas 2021!

Simba Italia is the “master toy” licensee of the toy line dedicated to the most incredible hero of Pontypandy and dedicates special vehicles to Sam the Fireman. The first, for this Christmas, is the Jupiter De Luxe Fire Truck, the best seller of the line dedicated to Sam. Equipped with lights and sounds, characters from the series, equipped and cared for in every detail (you can even spray water on it!), The set is presented to the public with a price of € 59.90.

Finally, for these Christmas 2021 proposals from Mattel, we find theWallaby II helicopter, with which Sam can finally take flight. 34 cm long, equipped with lights for night missions and with the articulated character of the pilot Tom Thomas inside, the product comes with a recommended retail price of € 44.90.

Mattel: here are the gift ideas for Christmas 2021!

Good fun!

Here ends the Mattel catalog proposals for Christmas 2021 gifts. Let us know what you think below in the comments and for other wonderful offers with a nerd object theme. we suggest you take a look at the Zavvi catalog!