Le MAVE sono un gruppo K-pop al femminile creato dall’IA che debutterà la prossima settimana thumbnail

MAVE is an all-girl K-pop group created by AI

They are called STOMACHare an all-female K-pop group and have one particularity: they do not exist. MAVE is in fact a musical project created entirely by the AI ​​of Metaverse Entertainment, a subsidiary of the South Korean developer Netmarble.

It is, in fact, one metagirl band. A female music band that exists only in the metaverse. The umpteenth artistic application of artificial intelligence, after the deepfake in cinema and the controversial generative art applied to the visual arts.

MAVE: K-pop group IA to release first album

Metaverse Entertainment has let the world know that MAVE are about to release their first album: Pandora’s Boxout on January 25th.

The company has promised that the four “girls” will be hyper-realistic. They already have names: MARTY:, TYRA:, ZENA: and SIU:. Why they have the colon at the end remains a mystery.

At the moment it is not clear whether the voices of the components are also generated by artificial intelligence, just as it remains a mystery how the MAVE concerts will be staged.

What is certain is that the world of AI is forcefully entering the music market, but not everyone seems to be enthusiastic about it. Recently the iconic songwriter Nick Cave expressed his concerns. The artist has in fact received from a fan called Mark the lyrics of a song generated by ChatGPT, the AI ​​had in fact created a song “Nick Cave style”. The singer’s reaction was lapidary: “With all the love and respect from the world, but it’s bullshit,” he wrote.

Specifically Nick Cave stated that “the songs are born from suffering, from the complex struggle within man that takes shape in the creative process. Well, as far as I know, algorithms prove none of this. The data does not suffer. ChatGPT does not have an inner being struggling to get out“. In his lengthy letter Cave further stated that “ChatGPT is intended to mimic. He can never have an authentic human experience, no matter how devalued and irrelevant human experience may become in the future.

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