McDonald’s enters the NFT world accompanied by Ghali

McDonald’s entra  nel mondo NFT con la complicità di Ghali thumbnail

As many as 300 NFTs made available by McDonald’s which supports three works by emerging Italian artists. Ghali also participates in the project as testimonial of the new campaign.

Three artists, three works and 300 NFTs: this is the McDonald’s initiative

Even the taste of McDonald’s does not resist the NFT world, which in 2021 alone was worth $ 26.9 billion in trade. And the market is constantly growing given that, according to estimates, the value could reach 80 billion by 2025. In short, a sector in constant growth which, however, is characterized not only by the mere economy, but also by a considerable artistic component. What is the future of art? Martullian questions aside, the phenomenon did not leave McDonald’s indifferent. The fast food giant has in fact launched an interesting initiative that aims to enhance the work of three artists. In particular we are talking about Daniele Tozzi (specialized in calligrams), and the illustrators Serena Gianoli and Nicola Laurora aka Nico189.

The three, on the occasion of the launch of the Triple Cheesburger, reinterpreted the concept of “level up”, which is then the basis of the new sandwich. The result is three digital works that will be converted into Non Fungible Token (NFT, in fact). For each of the three works, 100 NFTs will be created, for a total of 300 tokens that will be available to users through a dedicated competition valid until April 5th. How to get hold of them? Just register on the McDonald’s app, buy a Triple Cheeseburger and enter the code on the receipt in the appropriate section. Ghali, which will be the face of this new Uncle Mc campaign. Below are the first images of the three works in question.