McDonald’s releases a new Game Boy Color game

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McDonald’s keep up with the surprises: recently released a new one Game Boy Color game: Grimace’s Birthday. The game is on Internet Archive and you can download it. It is a 2D platformer and is made to be compatible with the original console.

Grimace’s Birthday, the new Game Boy Color game released by McDonald’s

The Grimace’s Birthday game for Gameboy Color released by McDonald’s is compatible with the original console. The game also includes a message inviting players to use a Game Boy a colori and not monochromatic, so as to better enjoy the gaming experience. Furthermore, it is emphasized that this is an executable game on mobile devices, but which can also be used on the various retro consoles inspired by that of Nintendo.

The McDonald’s Game Boy game software is from Krool Toys

Krool Toys is the team that developed the software for the McDonald’s Game Boy game. The team is very active in the promotional field with various brands and musical artists.

The purpose of the new game

But why did McDonald’s want to launch a Game Boy game? The answer is simple: the purpose is to advertise the anniversary of the birth of a mascot of the most famous fast food in the world, Grimace.

Grimace embodies the mascot of the famous milkshake, the much-loved McDonald’s milkshakes. The objective of the game, in fact, will be to guide the protagonist in collecting as many milkshakes as possible.

What does the Game Boy game include? It includes only four levels plus a bonus and a points mode. Fun is guaranteed.

Who is Grimace, the protagonist of the new game released by McDonald’s

Grimace is a purple blob and is among McDonald’s oldest mascots. It has undergone several design changes over the years. Initially it was represented as a four-armed monster, then it became more like a Barbapapa and was then excluded from the advertising context for years now.

However, the company has not forgotten this. Indeed, he wanted to celebrate it in a completely appropriate way: with a nostalgic game that brings back memories of the years in which Grimace devoured milkshakes.

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